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The Power Turbine is an add-on for the Allied Power Plant, which increases its power output by 75% for three-eighths of its cost. It is available once the Air Force Command HQ or Arsenal Depot is built.


The Power Turbine is a cheap upgrade for the Power Plant, providing +150 power units (for a total of 350 power units per Power Plant), which saves space for other buildings to be constructed. Its fast build rate can bring a base online (and therefore its stationary defenses) within seconds during dire situations (such as Power Plants being destroyed by enemy assaults), or simply if the Allied commander has built a power-hungry structure (like the Tech Center) and needs to restore power as soon as possible. This is made easier since the Power Turbine is built in the Armory tab (where defenses are also constructed), so an Allied commander can build Power Plants and their respective add-ons at the same time.


Act One


  • This upgrade resembles GDI's same upgrade from Tiberian Sun, which also increased the power output of a single power plant, but it can have up to two power turbines installed.