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Die for Yuri!
—A fanatic Piranha Minisub

The Piranha-class mini submarine, known in-game as Piranha Minisub, is a naval craft used by the Epsilon navy.

Official description

The Piranha Minisub is a small and very fast submarine, designed as a general purpose combat vessel. Capable of a multitude of roles such as anti-aircraft and submarine warfare as well as shore assaults and ship killing, the Piranha is one of the most flexible naval units ever produced.

Cheap and very lightly armored, Piranhas rely on group tactics and quickly emerging to surprise their enemies. To make faster maneuvering possible, the Piranha was not designed to dive to the same depths as conventional submarines, revealing a tell-tale trail of water displacement as they speed toward their destination. This allows Allied Destroyers to use their cannons instead of the Osprey's depth charges to effectively destroy schools of Piranhas.[1]


Just like the fish they are named after, Piranhas are most effective in numbers that enables them to overwhelm its slower counterparts with ease. Combining this with its status as the cheapest and quickest main naval vessel naturally, this grants the Epsilon navy the upper hand in the earlier stages of a naval battle, where they can outnumber and outpace their opponents before they are able to construct enough ships to match them in quantity. They can also assault nearby enemies on the shoreline, making them a threat to any undefended portions of the enemy base, but their ability to submerge as soon as they've finished doing so can confuse enemy commanders.

Schools of Piranhas also function as submerged anti-air units that can take down even Kirov Airships with little effort once they are in range. This is important in naval-exclusive maps (especially in Islands game mode) as the Epsilon lacks an amphibious dedicated anti-air unit in their subfactions to chase faster aircraft above the seas (Dybbuk-Interceptors can reach beyond average Epsilon anti-air, but its parent vehicle can't traverse over water. While the Oxidizer is amphibious, it can't deal any damage without assistance from other Epsilon anti-air units).

AI behavior

Piranhas controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 6x targeting everything
    • The AI may use Rage on this strike force (Medium and Hard AI only)
    • If available, Invulnerability, Irradiation Beta/Gamma and Shadow Ring may also be applied (Medium and Hard AI only)


  • 4x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Giant Squids
    • This task force may be accompanied by a Resheph


Act Two

  • Piranha Minisub debuts in the Special Ops mission Obstinate as enemy unit.
  • Piranha Minisub becomes first buildable in Dance of Blood, after Libra arrives.


  • Chronologically, Piranha Minisub becomes buildable since Monochromatic.


  • Can attack naval, air and ground units on the shore.
  • Decent all-round unit.
  • Very fast.
  • Submerged when not attacking.
  • Can detect submerged and cloaked units.
  • Quite cheap ($800) and can be mass-produced in numbers.
  • Fragile and vulnerable to anti-armor weaponry.
  • Must surface to attack, thus will be vulnerable to further land and air attacks.
  • Water trail is visible to the enemy commander while moving.

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