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The Pillbox is the Allies' basic defensive structure against infantry.

Official description

The Pillbox is a simple, manned bunker armed with a heavy machine gun. Though it is effective at eliminating infantry and light vehicles, it lacks the firepower to easily destroy heavily armored units.[1]


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Pillboxes function as the first line of defense against infantry. Its inexpensive cost and moderate hit points make the Pillbox fare well against infantry and light vehicle attacks and a deterrence to even the most formidable infantry if they are easily killable and/or unable to harm defenses (like Engineers). Their lack of power requirement and quick deployment also enables them to become a diversion and a make do defense in under extreme situations (such as sudden subterranean attacks from Driller APCs).

It has a small advantage over its other factional counterparts where it can instantly fire on any threat that comes within range. The other basic anti-infantry defenses of other factions have a visible turret animation which will delay their attacks for a split second, while the Pillbox does not have this weakness.

The Pillbox is not designed to tackle heavy armored vehicles and siege vehicles, so it must be paired with other stationary emplacements to increase the chances of a successful defense. While it is a formidable anti-infantry defense in most instances, it will fare poorly against heavier ones on its own.


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