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Did you just call me a shrub?
—Phantasm operators resent being referred to as mere scenery

The Phantasm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a Foehn stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Allied Tech Center and Construction Yard.

Based on the Mirage Tank, especially its ability to assume the appearance of a tree while immobile, the Phantasm is armed with Golden Rocket launchers that can hit ground and air targets, and are mounted on a rotating turret, allowing it to fire on the move.

Official description

To the Foehn, the Mirage Tank is one of the technologies lost in the chaos that unfolded during the Battle for Antarctica. Upon finding an Allied Tech Center, chances are that Clairvoyants will be able to recover this piece of technology. Once that happens, the Phantasm MLRS can be built: a vehicle that fires a volley of powerful Golden Rockets at enemy vehicles and aircraft alike. The Phantasm's other advantage over the Mirage Tank is that it can fire on the move thanks to a rotating turret.[1]


The Phantasm MLRS is a great unit for suprising enemy patrols as it can look like just another shrub or tree to the untrained eye. It is essentially a Mirage Tank for the Foehn Revolt and is just about as powerful with its Golden Rocket launchers. Unlike the Mirage Tank, however, it can attack aircraft and fire on the move, making it an effective counter against heavy aircraft such as the Kirov, Thor Gunship, or Basilisk.

It isn’t perfect, however. The Golden Rocket launchers, though powerful, are ineffective against infantry, just like its Allied predecessor and KEP cannon. Some things just never change, and that is why it must exercise caution when about squads of infantry.




  • Very effective against armored vehicles and aircraft.
  • Quickly fires missiles in succession in a target location.
  • Good armor and attack range.
  • Can fire on the move and crush infantry.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Invisible on radar, making it an effective ambush unit.
  • Can receive a firepower boost from deployed SODAR Arrays.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, available only after infiltrating an Allied Tech Centre.
  • Not effective against structures, unless in large groups.
  • Vulnerable against anti-armor weapons.
  • Rather slow rate of fire.

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