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The PsiCorps division has been tasked with destroying the Peacekeeper ICBM silo compound on the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in order to prevent the United States from retaliating against the impending Soviet invasion of their nation.
—Mission description

Operation: Peacekeeper is the first Epsilon Act One campaign mission.


Proselyte, welcome to the future. Yuri has plans for you and all his followers in PsiCorps, and we shall help make the world into something grand. I am but a messenger and a simple servant, but if you prove yourself, my services will no longer be necessary. An operation of utmost urgency must be conducted - Russian Premier Romanov has decided to start the war, and when he makes this known to President Dugan, the Americans will no doubt launch Peacekeeper ICBMs at Soviet Russia in retaliation. We promised the Premier a path to victory, and we shall follow through.

The rockets are being fuelled at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. We activated a few of our agents there, and they are all you have to work with at the moment. Time is everything, as once those missiles launch, it will be over before it's even begun. But you have a secret power that Yuri has gifted us - the power to shape thoughts, and thus shape the currents of the future. Use them to make your way to the base, and hit a few key points. With this, they will be defenseless. Remember, Yuri is watching.

Objective 1: Take control over the Allied Voyager.
Objective 2: Capture the Satellite Hack Center.
Objective 3: Infiltrate the Allied Tech Center.


Locating the silos

Given that a face-front ground invasion would no doubt alert the Americans to a threat to their missile network, the Proselyte's agents, a few Adepts, utilized subterfuge as touring civilians to land in a nearby marina, where a small American military outpost with a Voyager transport for river crossings was stationed. One of the Adepts went to secure it, albeit with a bit of difficulty, particularly the American German Shepherds whom accompanied infantry in patrol duties constantly.

The Voyager and its occupant were used to transport the other agents, to the other side of the river, past a fortified beach where a few American forces could be mind-controlled as an escort. The Proselyte was informed of a Satellite Hack Center in the region that could be used to survey the immediate area and thus locate his target. Reinforcements came in the way of more Adepts and a team of Engineers that'd be used to control this Center, doubtlessly under guard.

The Proselyte was forced to rush his agents to the target, as he is aware the clock was ticking: the Americans weren't waiting for anyone's order to fuel the rockets and would be ready to fire the instant Dugan gave the final order. At worst, the rockets would be ready to launch in less than an hour.

Race against time

Managing to capture the Satellite Hack Center, the Proselyte locates the silo network, which was heavily defended and locked tight in, and thus realized only a skilled infiltrator could ensure an easy means for the Adepts to enter and prevent launch. Fortunately, one such Spy, but a single one, was in the area, but miles away, which added further complications. The PsiCorps was forced to fight through patrolling American forces, particularly priority threats like Humvees and Abrams tanks, to get to a small base garrison to locate and subdue the infiltrator. From there, and with most of the mission time spent, the Proselyte had to dash to the silos' location.

At the main garrison, where the silos were located, the PsiCorps had to mind-control a few key targets to eliminate any obstacle or threat that could kill the infiltrator – even authorized personnel would be found suspect if walking unannounced around the AFB premises. The main control center for the missile silos, a Tech Center, was infiltrated in the nick of time.

When President Dugan finally gave the order for the Peacekeepers to be launched, the PsiCorps adepts were in position to manipulate the missile command and keep the silos closed, which detonated along with the warheads. With the operation successful, the Proselyte ordered the Adepts to commit suicide to make sure that no traces of what happened could be linked with them, and while they give him a last message: "Yuri will find us."


Proselyte, your swift strike with limited personnel has saved the lives of thousands of our Russian comrades as they reach the shores of America unharmed. This invasion will set many things in motion, but it is only the beginning. Soon, the world will learn.
—Yuri's message

Without the Peacekeeper ICBMs, the American forces were forced to withstand the brunt of the Soviet invasion with heavy losses, until then unaware of the existence of psychic powers or their use prior and during the invasion. With the Adepts' suicide, no immediate link was set and the Americans were led to believe of sabotage.

The connection would only be made with the Allied capture of a Psychic Beacon established in Soviet occupied New York. But, by then, enough damage would've been done for a turnaround, so much in the USA as in Europe.

The Proselyte himself was later assigned to lead the PsiCorps in supporting the Russian armored division's advance through Ukraine.

Difficulty changes


  • No time limit at all.
  • The number of Allied patrols and defense forces that emerged after entering the Tech Center base are the least in this difficulty.
  • Only a single GI is defending the Voyager transport.
  • The Spy is located near the Tech Satellite Hack Center.
  • 2 enemy Tech Turrets located near the Tech Satlellite Hack Center are removed.
  • A few segments of the wall surrounding the Tech Center is removed.
  • All Pillboxes not inside Allied bases are removed.


  • Countdown before Peacekeeper Missiles is ready to launch: 58:20
  • More GIs and Attack Dogs will patrol in the port.
  • The Spy is located next to the road at the bottom right of the Tech Center base.
  • The Allies will send out some troops to attack the Tech Satellite Hack Center after its capture.
  • 2 armies will ambush the player as they enters the Tech Center base.


  • Countdown before Peacekeeper Missiles is ready to launch: 41:40
  • The number of Allied patrols and defense forces that emerged after entering the Tech Center base are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • Even More GIs and Attack Dogs will patrol in the port.
  • The Spy is at the opposite corner of the map, close to the Tech Machine Shop.
  • The Allies will send out large amounts of troops to attack Tech Satellite Hack Center after its capture.
  • 2 more Pillboxes and 2 Gun Turrets will be in the Tech Center base. In addition, the Tech Center itself is completely surrounded by walls and gates.
  • The Tech Machine Shop at the bottom right starts controlled by the enemy.
  • 3 armies will ambush the player as they enters the Tech Center base.

Easter egg

  • In the intital starting area, there's a civilian boat at the bottom of the map, next to some dock cranes. Mind control the boat and send it over to an Iron Curtain crate, positioned behind the outline of the topmost part of the lighthouse. While invincible, send the boat over to the nearby Allied base on the south east side of the map. When you get past the initial Allied Destroyers, head under the bridge and you'll see a crate hidden behind the outline of another structure. Picking this crate up will give you a one use Tactical Nuke.


  • This entire mission is fully based on a segment of the Red Alert 2 intro where, when the ICBMs were about to be launched, Yuri mind-controlled the missile command operators and prevented the launch. However, it's also different as it seems the group of Adepts was responsible from preventing the Peacekeeper launch, not Yuri alone.