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The end of the war is in sight, as the push of the reunited Allied Nations' forces through Yuri-controlled Antarctica continues. With a limited amount of units, they try their best to use their finest operatives to eliminate enemy positions threatening their quest. However, a mystery unfolds.
—Mission description

Operation: Parasomnia is an Allied Special Operations campaign mission.


Our landing operation in the Weddell Sea has proved to be a success, and now the Paradox Engine is heading steadily towards the South Pole. Next, we need to split up to deal with various defenses that the Epsilon Army has constructed. Commander, you must assist the main expedition by destroying the Dybbuk Hives in the outer area of the Pensacola Mountains. Given that we need to conserve as many of our remaining forces as we can, the task of destroying the Hives will be given to a task force led by Tanya and Siegfried. Only then can the Euro Alliance forces be sent to destroy the Epsilon bases ahead to clear the path for the Paradox Engine. With their skills and your leadership, this should suffice.

Once the area is cleared, you will be transferred to command other joint forces in a battlefield deeper into the continent, due to the recent death of another commander during an overwhelming attack by Yuri's forces. We do not yet know what they will have to face because of the Tower's interference with all of our communications, so you will have to follow the specific arrangements issued by what's left of the command over there. All we got is more reports of sightings of Yuri's unusually powerful soldiers, which thus far the Paradox Engine has likely avoided by freezing them in time as it moves. Yes, it is truly unusual for us to ask you to command two battles almost consecutively, but you must understand that our survival and the outcome of this exhausting war depends on every battle we fight. Remember Commander, there's no rest for the wicked.

Objective 1: Destroy Radar Spires & Mind Readers to disable the Hives.
Objective 2: Destroy the enemy bases.
Objective 3: Wait for further instructions.


The subtle action in outer Pensacola Mountains

Tanya and Siegfried's taskforce need to disable all Dybbuk Hives in this zone

Tanya and Siegfried, who is equipped chrono backpack again this time, entered the battlefield and are told to disable 4 Dybbuk Hives on the way, so the main forces will be able to take control of here with ease. Leading small amount of following units, they found and destroyed all Radar Spires and Mind Readers on the way - including one targeting series on an island. During their process, the Epsilon HQ used a Fake Psychic Dominator to bait the Allied commander but did nothing. After all targeting facilities are gone, a Time Freeze is activated and the European Alliance cleared the area quickly and had set up their base. Subsequently, the commander is told to transfer to another battlefield due to another commander there sacrificed.

Gaining the deeper foothold

Rising of the weird underwater Irkalla surprised the Allied fleet

Several hours later, an Allied fleet has been entered the deeper zone of the Antarctic continent and the Horizon Destroyer division found that the an Aerial Fortress Irkalla is ascending from underwater! Fortunately, The Allies' Aegis Cruisers reacted quickly and have sent the Aerial Fortress back to where it was. When the coast was cleared out and declared safe, the Allies proceeded with a two-pronged offensive.

Capturing the mysterious clones

When the two forces began to build their own bases, two commanders were asked to use the new Chrono Prison prototypes to arrest Epsilon HQ's unknown clones in 24 Bio Tanks for further study.

The Epsilon did not roll out a red carpet for the invaders, and sent the full fury of their armies to drive the Allies back into the frigid waters of the Antarctic sea. The Allies nevertheless persisted and blunted every major offensive, mainly with the assistance of chronoshifted Cavalier Tanks and Paladin Tank Hunters. Even repeated assaults from Irkallas failed to dislodge the Allies and in spite of suffering moderate casualties from the war of attrition, their persistence allowed them to advance forward with their objectives.

During the advancement, the Allies disabled another Dybbuk Hives that were located in their base not far away, used for creating massive numbers of Aerial Fortresses. After several skirmishes, the Allies finally eliminated all Epsilon HQ defenders and gained the control in this region, released the unknown clones from the Bio Tanks and arrested them with Chrono Prisons.

When all clone are arrested, Norio came to escort these Chrono Prisons, and the local Allies also decided to continue to advance and start researching the clones in a suitable location.


This war extracts a heavy toll. Through the sacrifices of our troops, the path to the South Pole became more clear and we have a chance to inspect Yuri's supersoldiers. Initially we thought they were clones, yet they each seem so bizarrely distinct and unique.
—Battlefield report

The victory of the two phased battles mark that the Allies are getting closer and closer to the Tower's position, while the Epsilon HQ in the same time is busy preparing everything they need to defend Antarctica. What the Allies won't know is that the clones they've arrested will be likely to stimulate "The Creation" that the Epsilon is proud of... and the local Allied forces in the area would soon feel and learn the full wrath of the commando herself.

Difficulty changes


  • Part of enemy defenses on the map will be removed.
  • Phase 1
    • 3 Epsilon Elites will be removed.
    • Removed all enemy patrols.
    • 2 armor crates are located at the player's starting location, 2 healing crates are present in this phase.
    • 2 additional healing crates and 2 firepower crates are present at bottom right cliff zone.
  • Phase 2


  • Part of enemy defenses on the map less than on Casual will be removed.
  • Phase 2


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
    • Starting credits: 90000
    • The enemy attack intensity is the highest.
    • Amount of Chrono Prison prototypes that player can obtain: 2.
    • The player and ally AI can receive the least chrono reinforcements.
    • 7 Inferno Towers in the zone will be replaced by Psychic Towers.
    • The Dybbuk Hives with Aerial Fortress Irkallas inside will active when the player builds Mercury Network Uplink, Robot Ops Control Center or Air Force Command Headquarters.

Easter egg


The following easter egg can only be completed in the second phase of the mission. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Destroy the Mind Reader that coordinates the Dybbuk Hives that spawn the Aerial Fortresses Irkalla.
  2. Once step 1 is successful, locate the watery area with four spewing geysers around it. This area can be found southeast of the American base (or north of the Pacific Front base). This area will kill amphibious infantry around it, but not vehicles.
  3. Place four amphibious vehicles between these geysers (these locations are marked by rocks).
  4. Once step 3 is successful, a brief Time Freeze will occur that affects the Allies. After this, a Cruise Ship will spawn in the center of the easter egg area. Be careful, this Time Freeze will kill all of your air force units!
  5. Order a Chrono Prison to attack the Cruise Ship.

If all steps are completed, a one-time Time Freeze support power will become available.