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The Paradox Engine Wreckage is, as the name suggests, the wreckage of the Paradox Engine, which is crippled after it crashes into the Mental Omega Device. The heavy damage it sustains prevents the Engine from flying or using its weapons, but – miraculously – its Time Freeze mechanism remains operational, which proves to be crucial for the Foehn Revolt to survive from the Mental Omega Device's global mind control.


Act Two

  • The Paradox Engine Wreckage appears in the epilogue cutscene of the Allied Act Two campaign. Using the old Chronosphere that was previously retaken, Siegfried teleports it away with Tanya and some Allied soldiers inside to Point Hope, Alaska after protecting it with his chrono freeze, dooming himself to the incoming Epsilon soldiers including Rahn.


  • At the end of Vanishing Point, the Paradox Engine Wreckage is teleported to Point Hope. Tanya leads the rest of Allies out of the wreckage, welcomed by Yunru and the Revolt alongside General Carville.
  • The Paradox Engine Wreckage appears in The Remnant and must be protected from the Epsilon onslaught as its Time Freeze mechanism is repaired by Rashidi and Foehn scientists.


  • Despite its appearance and immobility, the Paradox Engine Wreckage is actually still treated as a vehicle and can by repaired by repair vehicles, but not by Engineers or the repair tool.