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The Paradox Conductor is a special device of the Allied Nations, stored in their pocket dimension for providing power for the Paradox Engine's prism refractors. These conductors are completed by the K.I. Scientists that was stationed in Cannes, but their data was stolen by the Epsilon Army later for future sabotage events.[1]


Act Two

  • Three Paradox Conductors appear in Babel's Stage V, the pocket dimension, where Infiltrators from the previous Stage are sent to sabotage them. At least one Paradox Conductor must be infiltrated to proceed to Stage VI. The more Paradox Conductors are infiltrated, the easier Stage VI becomes. For each Paradox Conductor infiltrated, two prism refractors from the Paradox Engine will be disabled, and chronoshifts are delayed.


  1. Obstinate briefing: "Not long before Yuri took the city, two scientists from the Kanegawa Industries have volunteered to go there to finish work on a technological piece related to the Paradox Project: a type of advanced energy conductor for its main weapons."