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The Palace is Russia's advanced technology structure which unlocks the best of their units and structures.

Official description

This majestic construct provides a Russian commander with the most powerful technology their arsenal has to offer. Though the boons are many, the building is very costly and fragile, and should be well protected as the Soviet technology advancement method is simple but expensive.

The Palace not only unlocks the most powerful Russian weapons available, it provides access to two paradrop abilities: the Tank Drop, and the Terror Drop. It also allows the Soviet commander to use Overcharge on his tesla units to increase their damage potential.[1]


Aside from unlocking the full Tesla, cybernetic and ballistic missiles arsenal of Russia, the Palace provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
For a price of $2500, 3 Rhino Tanks can be paradropped anywhere on the battlefield via a Cargo Plane to strengthen armor divisions or destroy essential structures in an undefended base. This reinforcement power has a cooldown of 6:30.
A fearsome sight for enemy war machines, 3 Terror Drones can be paradropped where the drones' next victims are most vulnerable. Compared to the Tank Drop, the Terror Drones are paradropped by a faster supersonic jet. This reinforcement power costs $1500 and takes 6:00 to recharge.
Russia is known for their wide use of Tesla weaponry, and the Overcharge support power directly bolsters their electrifying arsenal. Free of charge and no delay once activated, Russian generals can increase the firepower of Tesla-oriented units (including Volkov) immediately for a period of time. It has a cooldown of 6:00.

Like other Soviet labs, the Palace must be protected by its owner, whether from destruction or infiltration, that would otherwise prevent the Russian general from gaining the upper hand with Tier 3 units. In addition, unlike other factions, the Soviets only need a single technology expander (the Palace being one of them) to unlock Tier 3, but it requires a large amount of money to construct and power to maintain (in fact, all Soviet labs cost the same as offensive superweapons).


Act One

  • The Palace becomes a buildable structure in the Soviet mission Idle Gossip.

Act Two

  • In the Covert Ops mission Dawnbreaker, the player must recapture a Palace in the Apocalypse Tank research base and protect it 8-12 minutes until the Apocalypse Tank blueprints are finished up.



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