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The Palace is Russia's advanced technology structure which unlocks the best of their units and structures.

Official description

This majestic construct provides a Russian commander with the most powerful technology their arsenal has to offer. Though the boons are many, the building is very costly and fragile, and should be well protected as the Soviet technology advancement method is simple but expensive.

The Palace doesn't only unlock the most powerful of Russian weapons, it provides access to two paradrop powers such as the Tank Drop and the Terror Drop. It also allows the Soviet commander to use Overcharge on his tesla units to heighten their combat potential.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

Aside from unlocking the full Tesla, cybernetic and ballistic missiles arsenal of Russia, the Palace provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
Type: Utility Power
Cost: $1500
Recharge Time: 8:00

All Tier 1 Soviet units, War Miners, Demolition Trucks, and Mosquito Demoboats are trained/produced as elite for 90 seconds

Left-click to activate
Type: Reinforcement Power
Cost: $2400
Recharge Time: 6:30

Deploys 2 Tank Killers and 2 Hydra Cannons to the battlefield
Tank Killers are strong vs. Armor
Hydra Cannons are strong vs. Infantry

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)
Type: Reinforcement Power
Cost: $1100
Recharge Time: 5:00

Rapidly deploys 2 Terror Drones to the battlefield.

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)
Type: Offensive Power
Cost: $800
Recharge Time: 5:00

Increases the firepower of friendly Tesla weapons by 50% for 24 seconds

Left-click icon then left-click on target location

Like other Soviet labs, the Palace must be protected by its owner, whether from destruction or infiltration, that would otherwise prevent the Russian general from gaining the upper hand with Tier 3 units. In addition, unlike other factions, the Soviets only need a single technology expander (the Palace being one of them) to unlock Tier 3, but it requires a large amount of money to construct and power to maintain (in fact, all Soviet labs cost the same as offensive superweapons).


Act One

Act Two

  • In Stormbringer, the second mission objective is capture the Palace in mind-controlled Russian base to acquire Nuke Silo's locations. It will be automatically sold a while after being captured.

Special Ops

  • In Dawnbreaker, the player must recapture a Palace in the Apocalypse Tank research base and protect it 8–12 minutes until the Apocalypse Tank blueprints are finished up.



  • In Infantry Only, the Palace is replaced by an improved Atomheart. It grants access to Volkov and Chitzkoi, as well as the Overcharge and Wallbuster support powers.
  • As of version 3.3.4, Palace is the only subfaction-exclusive tech access structure that doesn't unlock any lower tier exclusive unit from the corresponding subfaction.

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