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Overcharge is a Russian support power available from the Palace. It temporarily boosts the potency of Tesla weapons (Tesla Troopers, Shock Troopers, Volkov, Tesla Cruisers and Tesla Coils) within its area-of-effect, causing their attacks to deal more damage while Overcharge is in effect.

Overcharge also affects Apocalypse Tanks and Wormqueens, because the former's cannon fires Tesla-enhanced shells (surprisingly, the Apocalypse Tank's missiles are also boosted) and the latter's psionic weapons, while different, are derived from Tesla technology.

AI behavior

A special task force (comprising of 4 Tesla Cruisers) will be constructed and will regroup near the enemy base once Overcharge is nearly ready. These Tesla Cruisers will target anything.

Only Hard AI will carry out this behavior.


Comrade, you can use the Overcharge to enhance tesla weapons temporarily.
—Soviet intel during Operation: The Raven

Act Two


  • Overcharge appears as easter egg in Thunder God. Of course not related to lore though.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0, Overcharge has a different visual effect and a smaller radius (3x3 instead of 5x5, see gallery), but doubles the affected units' firepower.
  • The cut Russian epic unit Perun Flagship was intended to appear in place of Overcharge, as it can buff single or multiple units armed with Tesla weapons.
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