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The Ore Purifier is the Allies' economy booster structure that further processes the harvested ores and gems, resulting in increased income from the commander's mining operations, in addition to acting as an ore refinery for harvesters to drop off their ores (although it does not come with a Chrono Miner when built).

Official description

The Ore Purifier increases the value of every bail of ore a miner drops off at a refinery, effectively increasing the amount of funds a commander receives by a large amount. It also provides the Allied base it is constructed at with a steady flow of cash regardless of circumstances. Additionally, the Ore Purifier acts as an extra deposit dock for all of the Allied harvesters, and together with an Experimental Warpshop provides access to the advanced Ultra Miners.[1]


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Once deployed, the income from all ore miners increases by 25% per ore dump, greatly increasing the amount of funds an Allied player earns, and allowing them to field more units or structures as needed.

Additionally, Ore Purifiers now intermittently provide Allied players with a steady stream of cash like an Ore Derrick. Exclusive to Ultimate Alliance, the Ore Purifier alone allows access to Allied stolen tech units like the Quickshifter.


The Ore Purifier can improve your income from ore mining by a large percent.
—Allied intel during Operation: Panic Cycle

Act One

  • Ore Purifier first appears as an enemy structure in Idle Gossip. It becomes a buildable structure in Panic Cycle.


  • In the Soviet Co-Op Money Source, 2 Soviet commanders are required to destroy 2 of the USA's Ore Purifiers.

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