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The Orcinus Waveshaper is a Coronian deploying area-effect ground unit weapon disabler.

Official description

The Orcinus Waveshaper is a product of aiming for a particular tactical goal: switching focus from vehicle-based combat to infantry-based - the one Coronia excels at thanks to its effective crowd control weapons. Unlike the Raccoon or Hovracoon, a deployed Orcinus is capable of disabling weapon systems of enemy units that step into its ECM system's effect zone en masse. The widespread application of the disruptions unfortunately results in lesser accuracy in regards to telling friend from foe, thus the Orcinus will affect all vehicles in its vicinity - something that the Coronia forces have accounted for in their tactics.

With the Revolt's already established technology of suspending objects by controlling the air, it can move freely in areas with large water reservoirs, and deploy in remote places like islands. This particular design makes Orcinus capable of affecting not only ground mechanical units, but naval ones as well. Naturally, the Orcinus can have its relatively low default speed boosted by nearby Spinblades. However, the high development costs of such a massive ECM system makes the Orcinus a limited weapon.[1]


AI behavior


Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, Orcinus Waveshaper was already available in the FinalOmega map editor[2]. It used SODAR Array's voicelines, does not have any weapon effect and lacks a proper deploy sprite though.


  • Orcinus is a genus of oceanic dolphins of which the killer whale/orca is its only living member today.
  • The Orcinus bears some resemblance to the Aftershock in Tiberian Twilight.