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The Oil Refinery is a neutral structure that only appears in the mission Fullmetal and grants instant bonus income to the player when captured.


An Oil Refinery consists of two parts: the main building and the Oil Silos. Once the main building is captured, it immediately offers players $15000, while each Oil Silo offers $5000; most Oil Refineries have three Oil Silos and thus will provide $30000 (if the Oil Silos haven't been destroyed before the main building is captured). Unlike the similar Tech Oil Derrick and Tech Deposit Bank, Oil Refineries provide no income over time after being captured, and serve no further role other than as a distraction for the enemy. Oil Refineries and Oil Silos explode violently when destroyed, and if an Oil Silo is destroyed, then both other Oil Silos will explode as well.


Special Ops

  • Excluding common appearances as map props, functional Oil Refineries only appear in Fullmetal, where the player is instructed to capture them to achieve the mission objective. Their locations are revealed to the player at the start of the mission. Most Oil Refineries in this mission have three Oil Silos, except one near the bottom left corner, which has four (and will provide $35000 instead of $30000 when captured).

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