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The Nuclear Reactor is an advanced Soviet power structure, capable of providing a huge amount of power.

The Nuclear Reactor will explode upon destruction due to its instability, however, posing a risk to anything around them.

Official description

Though the Allies may have banned the use of nuclear fission for energy due to the high environmental risks it carries, the Soviets have no such qualms. A single Nuclear Reactor generates enough power to satisfy most of an average Soviet base's needs. However, they are large and vulnerable structures. Destruction of one will result in a cataclysmic meltdown and the resulting explosion can cripple a base.[1]


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The Nuclear Reactor provides the most power in the entire game. It provides about 13 times more power than Tesla Reactors for more than twice the cost, making it a more cost-efficient alternative to power Soviet bases.

While it can produce a huge amount of power, it is equally prone to sabotage as any spies can still shut it down. In addition, the affected base's power will take longer to restart if an infiltration is successful in contrast to a sabotaged Tesla Reactor. If the Nuclear Reactor is destroyed, it will cause a cataclysmic meltdown, badly damaging units around it and crippling the base power production.

AI behavior

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Nuclear Reactors. Easy AI will build a maximum of 1 Nuclear Reactor, Medium AI will build a a maximum of 2, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 3.


Act One

  • Nuclear Reactor debuts in Heaven and Hell, and becomes buildable in Idle Gossip.
  • In Wrong Side, the destruction of Nuclear Reactors will alert the Soviets, resulting in mission failure.

Act Two

Special Ops

Behind the scenes

  • Qilin Tank and Nuwa Cannon receiving a speed boost from a Nuclear Reactor in version 3.0.

    In 3.0 the Nuclear Reactor will provide a speed boost to nearby Qilin Tanks and Nuwa Cannons. This ability was removed in subsequent patches.

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