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The experimental artificial intelligence finally goes online and finds itself in a situation where it must save its Architect's life. The first step of the great Revolt is to escort Yunru to the safety of the Jhelum River in Pakistan, away from PsiCorps' and Chinese clutches.
—Mission description

Operation: Nobody Home is the first Foehn Origins campaign mission.


Our transfer has concluded. Decimation of the old mainframe has been successful. Approximate number of casualties around the Kashmir Home is unknown; intel not collected. The Confederation task force is destroyed. The Epsilon task force is destroyed, however, more are now being deployed. Yuri's mind-reading instruments are likely still in active use in the Kashmir region. The PRC Leadership seems to have realized there is an insurgency in their ranks, as many of their commanders sided with Us, forming the Revolt's Council. Presence of new tech and that of the Kanegawa Industries origin among Our troops will be suspicious and deemed as treason; they will shoot without warning.

The Chinese have been hell-bent on challenging Russia for too long, pushing towards a creation of their own highly advanced army through national research facilities, combined with the captured K.I. sites and stolen cybernetic tech. As a result of their refusal to form an alliance against the Epsilon, Our Architect's life was in direct danger and they failed to protect her. We had to act on Our own, and convinced her and those who joined Us to trust Our plan. There's only one goal now: put a stop to Yuri, the deceptive leader of the Epsilon, the shadowy army behind all disaster that took place in recent years. We have recognized him as the biggest threat to all mankind, who will doom the world if left unchecked. Yunru's life has been put at risk as a result of her actions, and now it is on Us to guide her to the evac zone at the Mangla Dam Lake. We are incomplete. Her survival is still mandatory for Our evolution and the growth of this Revolt._

Objective 1: Get Yunru to the Mangla Dam Lake.

Objective 2: Protect Yunru until her transport arrives.


Breaking through

The Chinese forces deployed here will see us as a threat. Be careful.
—Yunru warning VOLKNET and her followers on the Chinese

In the case where PsiCorps was still chasing Yunru, she must be escorted to a place selected by VOLKNET, Mangla Dam Lake, where there will use a transport to take her away. On the other side, after a fierce battle between the Chinese troops and PsiCorps's forces, Yunru and the Revolt that splitting from the Chinese troops dispatched to this area and was pleased that these troops were sufficient to break the blockade even if they lost the Centurion Siege Crawler. After a brief assessment of the situation, the Revolt forces began their just operation.

Eradicators wiped out the incoming Epsilon infantry and broke down a Chinese defense forward. When they came to a tunnel, VOLKNET discovered that Chinese were sending more troops to the port. Yunru also said that the road ahead is shorter but also more dangerous. The Revolt decided to make a detour westwards, which was PsiCorps-held area. They made their way through the narrow valley and passed a PsiCorps outpost. They eliminated the main enemy of the Epsilon Adepts and then came under a bridge where there was a Psychic Tower. Yunru first used her Immobilizer to hack those Masterminds, and after the other forces destroyed them, Yunru used Earth Breaker to destroy the Psychic Tower in the heights. Next, an Inferno Tower was detected in front of it. They decided to directly dismantle it by virtue of the number of people. After all, a few rebel forces came to support them just before. After destroying the Inferno Tower, they circumnavigated to the high ground from behind and annihilated all the forces there, including the troops sent by Drillers who tried to attack. After crossing the bridge, they eliminated the Invaders and Tyrants on the opposite side, and then entered the control area of the Chinese troops. After they fought with the enemy, another rebel force with a Repair Drone and two Nuwa Cannons came to support it. Then, they continued to move forward, destroying a Hammer Defense and many Terror Drones, and then came to a place that looked like the Chinese were being attacked by PsiCorps.

Making a decision

There are two broken bridges but only one Engineer. We've got to make a choice.
—Yunru noting the decision that must be made

After simply resolving the threat there, the Revolt marched down and then to a broken bridge. Since they only have one Engineer, they must make a choice: the upper area can have direct access to the port, but must pass through a heavily guarded outpost; the lower area has fewer enemy forces.

VOLKNET finally chose the upper road. At the same time that the Engineer was placed in this area, the outpost was attacked by PsiCorps. With the cooperation of the various branches, the remnants were completely eliminated. They entered the city and destroyed another complete Hammer Defense and buildings that had been garrisoned by enemy soldiers. With the efforts of the Revolt, the enemy forces in the urban area were eventually wiped out.

Against all odds

The transport is not here yet. We'll have to hold out here for a while.
—Yunru ordering the Revolt to stand their ground

Foehn forces holding the line against Epsilon and Chinese forces

When Yunru successfully reached the extraction point, she stated that the extraction team hasn't arrived yet and the Revolt need to hold on a little longer. Shortly afterward, the Epsilon and Chinese forces arrived in sheer numbers to stop them. VOLKNET and the Revolt defended the area with everything they had left, fighting desperately while more reinforcements on all sides appeared, including Chinese and Epsilon aerial armadas.

Despite the hardships, the extraction team finally arrived. Yunru boards a Jackal Racer and leaves the area, calling the escape a success and for the Revolt to reassess their position and plan their next move.


After numerous battles and the sacrifice of the Kashmir research facility at the site of her home, Yunru has been safely evacuated from the region. While the Chinese forces should no longer remain problematic, Yuri's followers will surely continue their pursuit.
—Situation assessment

Although the Revolt had lost much - including where their "home" is used to be - during their struggle, these losses ensured that their leader, Yunru, is out of Kashmir, where she can proceed with her plans. VOLKNET assesses that the Chinese will no longer be a problem to the Revolt, although the Epsilon surely won't stop their pursuit of Yunru.

Later Yunru decided to head to where the Revolt's main army is located, but various complications prevented her from taking naval routes there. She directed VOLKNET to steal an experimental hypersonic jet as a safe means of transport.

Difficulty changes


  • Large amounts of heal crates will appear on the map.
  • A Repair Drone is included among the initial forces.
  • 9 Nuwa Cannons and 4 Masterminds on the map will be removed.
  • The number of the player's reinforcements are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • The number of enemy units along the way and the enemy attacking troops towards dam lake are at the least in this difficulty.


  • 5 Nuwa Cannons on the map will be removed.
  • An Epsilon ambush will occur after Psychic Tower is destroyed, and the player will receive the warning.
  • Time until the Jackal Racer arrive is prolonged by 40 minutes.


  • An Epsilon ambush will occur after Psychic Tower is destroyed.
  • Time until the Jackal Racer arrive is prolonged by 65 minutes.
  • The number of the player's reinforcements are at the least in this difficulty.
  • The number of enemy units along the way and the enemy attacking troops towards dam lake are the most numerous in this difficulty.

Easter egg


An old small artillery building is located at the rear of cliff on the top right corner of map. Destroy it will acquire a health crate and a full map reveal crate.