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The Neutralizer is a long-range defense structure used by Foehn forces.

Official description

Among the advanced long-range defenses, which usually become available for an army that has achieved full technology access, the Neutralizer is the odd one. Its weapon, dual plasma cutters, does not have a splash, unlike all the other factions' long-range defenses. It does not damage units in an area, but instead continuously deals damage over time with high precision.

The plasma cutters make quick work of enemy mechanised divisions, one by one, and never miss their target. What connects all of these advanced long-range defenses is their design flaw, their blind spot, right around the cannon itself. Wall it, or support it with other defenses and units for the best effect.[1]


As the most different one of all tier 3 defenses, the Neutralizer does not have area-of-effect damages on multiple targets. Instead, it has continuous and accurate fire output, which makes its work more flexible, unlike others that might be in danger during their cooldown. The operator can also manually order the Neutralizer to act prioritize attacks on units with greater threat to the base like heavy tanks, and give full play to its ability to accurately hit targets.

However, this feature can sometimes become a disadvantage: when the enemy infantry and vehicles appear nearby at the same time, it may automatically attack the infantry first, which will be easy for other units to take the opportunity for advantaged actions, like sneaking into the inner part of base or take down the Neutralizer with siege weapons, as its plasma cutter deals little damage to infantry units. Therefore, the operator needs to always pay attention to the deployment of enemy units around Neutralizers.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to build Neutralizers that requires a Cloud Piercer rather than a Tier 3 technology expansion.

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