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After the battle in Bissau, the captured rebels revealed the location, where the suspicious new toxin is produced. In the hands of the Scorpion Cell it is a threat to Yuri's forces.
—Mission description

Operation: Neuromancers is the eleventh Epsilon cooperative mission.


The Scorpion Cell turned its back on Yuri after Rashidi has betrayed us. His neurotoxin we've found in Bissau, is being produced at this location. It seems explicitly designed to prevent mind control by affecting the brain. Destroy the Neurotoxin Plants and the Pandora Hubs manufacturing it.

Objective 1: Destroy Pandora Hubs and all Neurotoxin Plants.

Objective 2: Destroy all Bloatick Tunnels.


Secure the bases

Two proselytes deployed MCVs at their destination to destroy the research base here, and they also found some abandoned Yuri Statues near the base and captured them. At the same time, Scorpion Cell also sent attack troops to stop them, but they were repelled by Yuri Statues, which was captured by proselytes.

The proselytes then got two messages: first, there were many Tech Oil Derricks available for capture in the southeast; second, there was a Tech Base Expansion Post in the northwest. But at the same time Scorpion Cell also stepped up the offensive, they activated the Bloatick Trap and sent a number of Invaders, which made the proselytes decided to build Gatling Tanks and Gatling Cannons to fight back.

Soon after, the intel prompted that a lot of EMP Mines were detected nearby, and they needed to use units that could detect stealth such as Stinger to detect them. Four Magnetrons were sent here, and the enemy's offensive was getting stronger. They continued launching Toxic Strike and sent Tyrants to attack; but the two proselytes were already familiar with their peer's tactics and used mind-controlling units like Mastermind and Epsilon Elite controlled and collected Tyrants, and the Gatling Tanks also performed well against paratroopers.

Scorpion Cell also has a Tech Missile Silo, who constantly fires missiles at the base of the proselytes. After a long period of defense, the proselytes found an opportunity to advance into the area of Oil Derricks in the east. They gathered a large number of Basilisks and Invaders. Masterminds and Magnetrons destroyed the defense there and captured Oil Derricks, destroyed the Cloning Vats there, so the number of enemy infantry was reduced, and the attack speed was also slowed down.

The neurotoxin vanishes

The troops on both sides were now in front of the enemy bases, but they spent a lot of time dealing with the infantry coming out of the Cloning Plants. On the one hand, they let Magnetrons immobilize the incoming vehicles, especially the Speeder Trikes, and on the other hand let Masterminds control the steady flow of infantry and let the controlled infantry attract the attention of other infantry, killing each other; then, they take the opportunity to let Basilisk destroy the base opposite. Not long after, all Neurotoxin Plants and the Pandora Hub with Chemplug were destroyed.

But the operation had not ended yet. There was intelligence that the Bloaticks used by Scorpion Cell might also carry neurotoxins. The next thing they needed to do was to destroy the Bloatick Tunnels hidden in the oasis of the north. Since the nearby bases were basically destroyed, the proselytes did not take much time to find and destroy all the Bloatick Tunnels. Finally, the advisor lamented that with the destruction of the research base here, Rashidi’s plan to build a powerful weapon against the Epsilon Army for his soldiers also miserably failed...


The battle destroyed a large number of research results related to the Neurotoxin, more Scorpion Cell units have also re-aligned Epsilon, and Epsilon's troops also believe that the Scorpion Cell remnants loyal to Rashidi have already died down.

However, the development of Rashidi's Neurotoxin may not necessarily end here. Instead, Malver recovered another neurotoxin facility in Libya for resisting from the upcoming global mind control. The Epsilon forces would never believe that some Scorpion Cell fighters were still alive, even including Rashidi...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 70000
  • Tech Airfield in the north Scorpion base will be removed.
  • Tech Missile Silo at the top right of the map will be removed.


  • Starting credits: 60000
  • Tech Missile Silo at the top right of the map will be removed.
  • The Scorpion Cell will continuously send Speeder Trikes and Tyrants to attack the players.


  • Starting credits: 55000
  • The Scorpion Cell will continuously send Speeder Trikes and Tyrants more than on Normal difficulty to attack the players.

Easter egg


Garrison the Pyramid near the starting base so a Mummy will exit from it. Mind control the Mummy to receive a veterancy crate.


  • This mission uses the same map of the Yuri's Revenge mission Tomb Raided.