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The Netrunner Protocol is an add-on for the Foehn Barracks, which grants them access to Syncronins as well as holographic and confusion support powers.

Official description

The Netrunner Protocol is an attachment for the Foehn Barracks, which will provide a Foehn commander with combat options based on the faction's advanced cyber technologies, such as the ability to deploy holographic projections of certain units for the purpose of deception. In conjunction with a Cyberkernel, it unlocks other unique battlefield manipulation technologies, like the Chaos Touch or the Syncronin soldiers.[1]


The Netrunner Protocol grants access to the following support powers:

Support power Description
Type: Intelligence Power
Cost: $1200
Recharge Time: 5:00

Deploys 5 decoy Knightframes and 5 decoy Lancers anywhere on the battlefield
Decoy units act like the original units but cannot deal damage and has half of the original unit's hit points

Left-click icon then left-click on target location
Type: Offensive Power
Cost: $1000
Recharge Time: 7:00
Requires Cyberkernel

Applies confusion to enemy units briefly in regular intervals
Confusion duration is too short to cause friendly fire, but interrupts current orders from the enemy
Lasts for 24 seconds

Left-click icon then left-click on target location


  • The name "Netrunner" could be a reference to the Tiberian Dawn Netrunners, a group of elite hackers in the service of Kane.

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