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The Neonwasp is a Haihead aerial infantry armed with a plasma cuttter like that used by Neutralizers to cut through enemy armor with ease.

Official description

During Haihead's expeditions it quickly became apparent that pushing all of the new aircraft designs onto the Wings of Coronia divisions resulted in a significant weak point for the former. Their advanced weapons, as powerful as they were, often fell victim to ambushes by enemy long-range units, with no way to retreat. A solution was needed fast to cover this weakness in the Haihead arsenal, and it presented itself in the recovered armor design of a certain hero. Shortly after, mass production of a new flying armor based on it begun, and the Neowasps[sic] joined the Haihead ranks to support their ground units from the sky.

Neonwasps are equipped with a plasma cutter, similar to that utilized by the Neutralizers for defense. These modified downsized versions of the weapon are most effective against enemy vehicles, cutting through armor with ease, but are not as useful in fighting troops. Furthermore, compared to the other flying infantry, the Neonwasp cannot engage aircraft and should be assisted by Shadrays or Diverbees.[1]



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