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The Napalm Storage is a warehouse used by the Latin Confederation to store their napalm or white phosphorus weapons.



  • In Good Old Times, the Napalm Storage is called as White Phosphorus Factory. The Americans need to destroy five of them.
  • In Combustion, the objective is to recapture a Napalm Storage from the Allies and then defend it for 10 minutes before the napalm could be extracted.

Special Ops

  • In Gridlock, two Napalm Storages are found near the main PsiCorps base. Capturing them will give the player four Fury Drones as reinforcements, and unlock Buratinos and Fury Drones for construction.


  • In the Revolution Challenge, a Napalm Storage is located at the top left corner of the map, destroying it will stop the Bomb Biker reinforcements from the Latin Confederation enemy.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the Napalm Storage used model of a civilian structure named Silo House.