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Nanofiber Sync complete.
—Foehn EVA when Nanofiber Sync is off cooldown

Nanofiber Sync is a Foehn support power available through their Nanofiber Loom. It can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield and infuses Foehn infantry within its area-of-effect with a solid dose of active nanofibers that quickly adapts to their nanite-based gear, radically transforming their current equipment, weapons and armor.

Generally, Foehn infantry infused with Nanofiber Sync will gain better capabilities that changes their combat role in most cases, at the expense of some of their abilities. For instance, Knightframes will be transformed into Kingsframes, who replace their standard VHMG to a power cannon which cannot attack air targets, but are more effective for besieging bases and wiping out tougher targets, as well as possessing more durable armor, becoming uncrushable, and are now unaffected by EMP. This comes at the cost of being unable to garrison structures due to the increased size and mass of their exoskeletons.

Note that Engineers, Neonwasps and heroes are not affected by Nanofiber Sync; using one on them will waste the support power without any benefit at all. Also note that transformed infantry will also lose any combat experience they have accumulated up until the point of their transformation, and have to earn them all over again. They will, however, rejuvenate any lost health they may have incurred while in their original forms.

The following infantry are affected by Nanofiber Sync, followed by their transformed version:

AI behavior

The AI will use Nanofiber Sync after preparing specific strike forces and regrouping them near the enemy base when it is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before it is ready. The transformed infantry will then immediately proceed to attack anything.

These strike forces include:

All difficulties




  • According to the mod's official twitter, using ARES DLL to create the Nanofiber Sync's mechanics is what inspired them to create the Foehn Revolt.
  • 66 Knightframes transformed

    The Nanofiber Sync can convert a maximum of 66 soldiers at one time.