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For the add-on exclusive to Last Bastion, see Nanofiber Loom Expansion.

The Nanofiber Loom is one of the three essential structures for the Foehn that grants access to more advanced technologies.

The Last Bastion must upgrade the Nanofiber Loom with an expansion to allow them to access the entire Foehn arsenal.

Official description

The Foehn Revolt has long heavily focused on enhancing and developing new uses for their state-of-the-art nanotechnology. The Revolt has many uses for the nanites it produces, be it for enhancing their units' armor, regenerating from all the damages taken during the battle or even for combat purposes. However, one of the most ingenious methods of putting the nanites to good use is the Nanofiber Sync, a rapid active material transformation, which is being developed at the Foehn Revolt's Nanofiber Loom.

Created at Foehn's secret production plants known as the Nanocentrifuges, the advanced nanites, which get transported to the Nanofiber Looms, begin work on very thin, but resistant and versatile nanofibers, which at the end of the production process are additionally infused with a batch of nanites responsible for control of the nanofiber's "behavior". These newly created materials are then applied to the adaptable powersuits and outfits of the Foehn infantry through the use of the Nanofiber Sync, which usually results in a transformation of the equipment, that can go as far as repurposing a soldier's weapons entirely.

To acquire the full technology access, Last Bastion needs to add an Expansion to the Nanofiber Loom, which becomes available after all three of Foehn's technology structures have been built.[1]


Other than unlocking units that use nanotechnology, the Nanofiber Loom provides the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Utility Power
Cost: $2500
Recharge Time: 7:30

Transforms all Foehn infantry in a designated area into alternate forms
Alternate forms have new equipment and abilities
Foehn Engineers, Neonwasps, decoy infantry and heroes are unaffected
Gained veterancy and some abilities are lost on transformation

Left-click icon then left-click on target location

As one of 3 buildings that unlock Tier 2 and eventually Tier 3, no Foehn commander should leave the Nanofiber Loom undefended. This is true especially for the Last Bastion; they would lose both Tier 2 and Tier 3 if the Nanofiber Loom with its Expansion is destroyed.


  • The sound the Nanofiber Loom creates when its respective support power is almost ready is the same sound as the selection sound of the Nod Tech lab from Tiberium Wars.