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Nanocharge is a Last Bastion support power available from their Nanofiber Loom once its expansion is added. It makes all friendly Mastodons and Leviathans release a mass of nanites in the immediate area around themselves, which quickly repairs all friendly vehicles and naval vessels around the Mastodons/Leviathans for a short while. It is best used during intense combat to allow Last Bastion's forces to survive longer amidst enemy onslaughts, or while going in on a major offensive.

A quirk which can be exploited by Last Bastion commanders is that Bison Tanks will be able to repair twice as fast than other units from Nanocharge, significantly increasing their survivability.

Keep in mind that like the majority of repair-based support powers, Nanocharge cannot remove Terror Drones from infested vehicles meaning Minermites are still necessary for the task of performing such complex repairs.

AI behavior

Automatically used by the AI once Nanocharge is off cooldown. Does not matter whether or not friendly Mastodons/Leviathans are present.


With Our assistance, Yunru was able to use a batch of nanites for repair purposes. We will use nanites for much more, but right now this Nanocharge will aid Our tanks.
—Foehn intel during Operation: Vanishing Point


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