The Nanocentrifuge is a mysterious Foehn (sometimes Chinese) building with the apparent purpose of manufacturing nanites for their Cyborg Vanguards, Heavy Troopers and Cyborg Prototypes.


Act Two

  • In Heartwork, four Nanocentrifuges with nanite clouds appear in four separate Chinese outposts. All of them must be destroyed by the player-controlled Russians.
  • In Thread of Dread, Machinehead and Blood Rage, Nanocentrifuges are present in Foehn bases (which still uses Chinese equipment). Unlike the ones in Heartwork, these Nanocentrifuges have no nanite cloud and serve no gameplay purpose. In Blood Rage, the Nanocentrifuges in the Foehn base will disappear once Foehn forces abandon the area.


  • In The Great Beyond, an active Nanocentrifuge with nanite cloud is located at the centre of the Foehn base. At the start of the mission, Yunru and Rashidi will enter it, and it must be protected for the duration of the mission.


  • In the Revolution Challenge, a Nanocentrifuge is located at the bottom right corner of the map, destroy it will stop the Cyborg Vanguard reinforcements from the Chinese enemy.
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