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The Nanocentrifuge is a mysterious Foehn, originally Chinese, building with the apparent purpose of manufacturing nanites for their Cyborg Vanguards, Heavy Troopers and Cyborg Prototypes.


There are two versions of Nanocentrifuges in the game: one with the Soviet color scheme and another with that of Foehn. Currently all Nanocentrifuges in the campaign missions have the Soviet appearance, while the Foehn version appears in Endurance Challenge and some Skirmish maps as decorations.

Act Two

  • In Heartwork, four Nanocentrifuges with nanite clouds appear in four separate Chinese outposts. All of them must be destroyed by the player-controlled Russians.
  • In Thread of Dread, Machinehead and Blood Rage, Nanocentrifuges are present in bases associated with Yunru. Unlike the ones in Heartwork, these Nanocentrifuges have no nanite cloud and serve no gameplay purpose.


  • In The Great Beyond, an active Nanocentrifuge with nanite cloud is located at the centre of the Foehn base. At the start of the mission, Yunru and Rashidi will enter it, and it must be protected for the duration of the mission.
  • In the epilogue of The Remnant, a Nanocentrifuge can be seen in each rebuilt outpost.


  • In Cyberanatomy, several inactive Nanocentrifuges, only known as Enemy Structures, are located around the Atomheart. Reznov will comment if any of them is destroyed.


  • In the Revolution Challenge, a Nanocentrifuge is located at the bottom right corner of the map, destroy it will stop the Cyborg Vanguard reinforcements from the Chinese enemy.
  • Two Foehn-style Nanocentrifuges are present in the Endurance Challenge, but serve no any purpose.


  • Two Foehn-style Nanocentrifuges are present in 4-player standard map Wacky Workbench.