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The sea can be dangerous place!
—Mosquito Demoboat

The Mosquito-class demolition boat, known in-game as Mosquito Demoboat, is a fast explosive Soviet ship filled with highly flammable substances.

Official description

Being another product proposed by the Latin Confederation, the Mosquito Demoboat was crafted in the shipyards on the shore of Lake Maracaibo. With their experience with Bomb Buggies, and a large number of necessary resources, they brought this 'fast and lethal' tactical idea to the sea, and spread it through the entire Comintern. Mosquito, like its name implies, has a strong ability to harass enemy navy thanks to it unique payload composition. The ship's captain, with the resolve for sacrifice, will rush straight into a hostile fleet array to detonate the napalm mix supplies loaded on the boat, setting both the sea and ships on fire for a significant period of time.

Unlike the ground demolition vehicles of the Soviet army, the Mosquito is effective against all sorts of targets. Unfortunately, the captain needs to explicitly prepare the napalm mix payload for detonation for it to reach its full explosive effect. This has resulted in some of the Mosquitos getting sunk unceremoniously, before their captains had their moment of glory.[1]


AI behavior

Mosquitos controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting everything
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Mosquito


  • 2x targeting structures


Mosquito Demoboats have been sent to you. They can set the sea on fire.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Death From Above

Act One

  • Mosquito Demoboat debuts in Death From Above, where a few Demoboats will be given to the player during the defend phase. It becomes buildable later in this mission.



  • The Mosquito Demoboat's design resembles the GLA Demoboat from Generals Zero Hour Continue mod.