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American remnants have obtained data of advanced equipment from the Allied flying fortress and captured a Psychic Beacon in Boston. The latest superweapon prototype is at stake.
—Mission description

Operation: Monochromatic is the eighth Epsilon cooperative mission.


Thanks to our troops at the Great Lakes, Detroit is safe now. Boston is still a problem. Our Psychic Beacon here was captured by the Allied rebels, just like the one in Rome. The major issue is that they've also captured a base with an incomplete superweapon. Our armored forces are currently in a pinch. These soldiers are your only option for now. Although the Soviets captured our Psychic Amplifier, Boston is not in its range just yet. For now, we need this Psychic Beacon gone. We can rebuild it in the future.

Objective 1: Destroy the Psychic Beacon.

Objective 2&3: Protect the Psychic Dominator & destroy the enemy forces.


Let the failed Psychic Beacon down

The Psychic Beacon captured by the American rebels

After batches of Bloaticks unaffected by the Psychic Beacon suicided, two infantry task forces arrived at the northwest of city. At this time, intelligence pointed out that they are required to take the captured Psychic Beacon down - affected by the operation in Bran, Romania, Epsilon decided to directly disuse the Psychic Beacon, so they can retake an unfinished superweapon prototype in one outpost nearby.

The two infantry task forces marched cautiously in the city. After a long hunt, they guided the Engineer to the bridge to the repair hut. After the bridge was repaired, some Lasher Tanks and Gatling Tanks came to assist them in their operations. Eventually, the Psychic Beacon got destroyed, freed the Epsilon outpost near here.

Make the Dominator prototype safe

This outpost is crucial to Epsilon because it is responsible to develop Yuri's new weapons program — a structure that can project superfluous wave-eroding minds and tear armored to full field. When the two proselytes took it over, the Americans began emerge from the east, where two of their bases are located. With limited resources and reinforcements, the two proselytes held the Allied attacks from land, air and water, protected the Dominator prototype well. By keeping the production capability they have even eliminated an incoming Allied fleet that came to support the local Americans.

No homecomings

Utilizing strengthened taskforces the Epsilon proselytes soon start counterattack, with help of several siege units like Magnetrons and Duneriders and assistance from units like Masterminds, they have finished their counterattack quickly, purged the American rebels out from this East Coast city.


Despite only dispatched a limited amount of forces, the Epsilon still regained Boston with a small task force and defenders, which plunged the will of the American rebels and forced the European Alliance-led Paradox Engine expedition force to choose give up supporting their struggles in the US continent. Since then, the American rebels' opportunity to join the Paradox Engine expedition force heavily decreased, until several remaining troops in Puerto Rico are rescued through another rescue operation. The victory of the Boston Warfare also marked Yuri's ability to compare weapons with the Tactical Nuke Silo. Soon, this weapon was put into use on a large scale.

On the other hand, changes of the battle situation forced the Epsilon Army to send a portion of its Headquarters from Antarctica to support the operations of other departments. The first support troops from the Epsilon Headquarters were dispatched to Asia soon after.

Difficulty changes



  • Starting credits: 50000
  • The enemy attack intensity is averaged.
  • Added 1 Stinger with Engineer for each player after repaired the bridge on the left.
  • The reinforcement amount of the players are averaged.


  • Starting credits: 45000
  • The enemy attack intensity is the highest.
  • Added 2 Rocketeer patrols around the Psychic Beacon.
  • No MCVs provided after retaking outpost.
  • Removed the Tech Airfield next to players' base.
  • The reinforcement amount of the players are the least.

Easter egg


After completing the first objective, destroy a billboard found at the southwest of the map to receive 2 money crates and 2 veterancy crates.


  • This mission supersedes older Monochrome with moving to a new map, heavily modified gameplay contents and expanded original story settings.