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To collect more resources, the Confederation heads to Rabat, where the largest American base in Morocco is. They intend to seize their ore mining sites before the Scorpion Cell does.
—Mission description

Operation: Money Source is the tenth Soviet cooperative mission.


The recovery of the napalm supplies from Montpellier increased our troops' morale. We can now proceed with the next step of increasing our resources, here in Rabat. The surviving Americans have built a significant ore mining facility at this location. Command our troops dispatched from the Spanish base to deal with them, before the Cell notices the presence of this facility, otherwise they'll seize the resources. Before we will be sending MCVs, first, we have to destroy both Allied Tech Centers. With these destroyed, the Allies will not be able to send high tech units against us.

Objective 1: Destroy both Allied Tech Centers.

Objective 2: Destroy the Allied Ore Purifiers.


Both hands must be hard

The Allies have two Tech Centers associated with Ore Purifier in this area. Latin Confederation must destroy them before the MCVs arrives and launches a frontal attack, and the Allies also intended to build additional Tech Center while preserving the two. The time for Confederation to take action was only five minutes.

Of the two Tech Centers, the left was guarded by Pillboxes, the right was guarded by Gun Turrets and Grand Cannons, and the two commanders decided to move Jaguar Tanks to the left and Pyros to the right. After a while, both Tech Centers were destroyed in time.

Redistribution of money

The two MCVs then arrived in this area then, accompanied by several reinforcements. After dealing with several infantry and vehicle assault squads and capturing several Tech Oil Derricks nearby, the two commanders were approved to build the Battle Lab, and several Saboteurs and Vultures were also sent. Then, after locating a Tech Base Expansion Post, they started an attack in that direction, aiming to capture that Expansion Post.

The two commanders completed control of the area and captured the nearby Tech Nuclear Plants, then built a large number of Buratinos to destroy the defenses in front of the Allies, and they occasionally used Bomb Buggies to destroy the enemy's defense. When the Allied line of defense was destroyed, the two commanders captured the Tech Hospital there.

The Allies in this area were not strong enough, they had no effective way to prevent the Confederation forces from aggression, nor had they prevented the destruction of Ore Purifiers.


With the destruction of this source of funding, the Americans were given a severe disadvantage. The Latin Confederation's position in Europe continent was also solidified and they have able to construct their European expeditionary's headquarters in Zaragoza. However, another faction on the land of Africa will never sit back and watch this kind of "prey theft"...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 45000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive forces are the least in this difficulty.
  • Vultures and Kirov Airships are available to players.



  • Starting credits: 30000
  • Enemy will use Siege Cadres and Navy SEALs via Stallion Transport to launch attack to player base, as well as to the other attack from south coast.
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive forces are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • The Tech Heavy Machinery at south of players base and the other one near central lake will be removed.
  • Enemy will use a Tech Missile Bunker in their base.

Easter egg


Destroy the Rik's Place building found in the city to receive two money crates.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, this mission's enemy subfaction was European Alliance, and there was no any clues for inferring the mission's location but an incorrectly placed Pyramid structure on the map.