Moltencore Challenge

Moltencore Challenge Panorama.jpg

It's getting hot in here! Three Latin Confederation armies have landed near your position and are now surrounding your forces. It seems they are ready to burn the island to the ground if it's what they need to do to defeat you.Map description

Moltencore Challenge is the fifth Challenge map against three pyromaniac Latin Confederation enemies.


The paths from the starting area to the enemy bases are lined with Smoke Turrets and Fury Drones and guarded by Syckles, Iron Guards, Flame Towers and Sensor Towers.

Every once in a while, 3 Syckles and 1 Arsonist will go to the vicinity of Tech Oil Derricks outside the challengers' base to harass.

Support power changes/additions:

  • The Sandstorm from the Smoke Bombs support power has an increased number of runs from 12 to 16, and increased health from 1125 to 1300.
  • Flame Tower uses more lethal white phospherus weapon, just like in part of Act One missions.

Unit changes/additions:

Starting point Tech buildings

Challengers' start point is protected by Tech Concrete Walls.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.3.4, the Flame Tower was modified to a support power with summoning 3 Pyros to attack challengers. This was a recycle of a scrapped concept.


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