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The Mobile Construction Vehicle (often shortened as MCV) is an important vehicle for all sides of the conflict, in any iteration of the war, as it is deployed into a Construction Yard that is responsible for constructing bases.

Official description


Allied Mobile Construction Vehicles are very important units in a tank division. They provide the building materials and foundations for a Construction Yard, the center of any base. If taken out, it means the Allies cannot reconstruct or repair their buildings until another MCV has been delivered. Recently this unit was outfitted in the latest of computer control, so it doesn't require a driver now, therefore cannot be mind controlled.[1][2]


The Soviet MCV deploys into the Soviet Construction Yard. It doesn't differ much that of its Allied or Epsilon counterparts, but it is the only vehicle which allows a commander to establish a Soviet base. Without this unit in a base and without any Construction Yards, the Soviets will no longer be able to build their buildings and develop their army. With Allies introducing robot control to their MCVs, Soviet ones are still driven by humans - although only those with natural immunities to mind control.[3][4]


Noticing the recent introduction of robot-controlled MCVs by the Allies and Soviet ones driven by naturally-immune to mind control pilots, Epsilon decided to employ their own strategy with their own Construction Vehicles - they are now controlled by genetically modified drivers which cannot be controlled in any way. Other than that, the Mobile Construction Vehicle of Epsilon hasn't undergone any other changes.[5]


PsiCorps MCV works like its Allied or Soviet counterparts but it deploys into the PsiCorps Construction Yard , enabling PsiCorps structures to be built.[6]


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