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The Mobile Construction Vehicle (often shortened as MCV) is an important vehicle for all sides of the conflict, as it is deployed into a Construction Yard that is responsible for constructing bases.

In skirmish, all players always start with one MCV (unless in Unholy Alliance, in which case all players will start with the MCV of all four factions or No Bases, in which case all players have no MCVs and only starts with their units).

Official description

The Mobile Construction Vehicle, or MCV, is the most vital component in any military operation. The MCV is a massive vehicle with the ability to deploy into the Construction Yard, the heart of any base. With it, a commander can create any military building they see fit. Protecting the MCV is a must if you wish to maintain any presence on the battlefield. Due to the technology and resources used in an MCV, the cost of building one is very high, but the expanding of your base using another MCV may prove more useful than you think. The Allied/Soviet/Epsilon/Foehn MCV provides all the necessary materials to build a base.[1]

Scorpion Cell has access to a fake decoy version of this vehicle once they they pack up a Fake Construction Yard, a building available after constructing a Pandora Hub with a Chemplug.[2]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here for the Allies, here for the Soviets, and here for Yuri's faction.

The MCV is a vehicle that will appear in the very early stages of the battle of the four factions for deploying as their respective Construction Yards. Generally, the MCV is directly deployed at the spawn point in multiplayer.

Unlike in the vanilla game, the production prerequisite of the MCV in Mental Omega is Tier 2, not the Service Depot or Grinder. Once the player's Construction Yard is destroyed but still has Tier 2, building an MCV will become the core factor in regaining the ability of developing base. Therefore, these commanders should build new MCV to deploy into a Construction Yard as soon as possible.

In addition, the MCV also has unconventional usages: one is to deploy it in a more favorable position when the game starts, and the other is to build a new MCV while holding the base that is already owned and deploy it in the vicinity of the enemy base to suppress the opponent.

AI behavior

In skirmish, any MCVs owned by the AI will be ordered to deploy immediately. Once deployed, nearby units will gather near the Construction Yard to protect it. Furthermore, it will not create new MCVs to expand or increase build speed, and will only replace destroyed ones.

The AI is not programmed to unpack Construction Yards.

The AI in skirmish has the notorious ability to rebuild MCVs even if they lack access to their Tier 2 arsenal, so it is encouraged to destroy all their War Factories to prevent this. Only Medium and Hard AIs will rebuild MCVs. If Mental AI Boost is enabled, the AI is able to clone multiple MCVs if they have War Factories present (up to 4 by default). If these MCVs successfully deploy into a Construction Yard, each Construction Yard has their own individual build queue, meaning multiple structures can be built at the same time.


The combined blueprints of different armies allowed Us to do the impossible. We are now finally able to mass produce the Mobile Construction Vehicles. Both the Allied and the Soviet MCVs are now available at Our War Factories.
—Foehn intel during Operation: The Remnant

Mobile Construction Vehicles are never buildable in the campaign (except in one case) and usually must be carefully protected by the player. Once they are deployed into a Construction Yard, they are almost never packed into vehicle form. Exceptions do occur, such as Latin Confederation retreating in Huehuecoyotl, China evacuating in Split Seconds, and the Revolt forces redeploying in The Great Beyond and Vanishing Point.

Here are cases that more than one MCV is provided:

Act One

  • In Dragonstorm, an additional MCV will be given to the player among the reinforcements from Siberia.

Act Two

  • In Puppet Master, when the Psychic Beacon captured by the player is destroyed, an additional MCV will be given to use.
  • In Stormbringer, on Casual difficulty, if the MCV that is given to the player to construct the second base is destroyed, a second one will be provided.
  • A short time after Death's Hand begins, the player will be given several MCVs in addition to the starting one. The number of MCVs differ depending on the difficulty.
  • In Withershins, if the player loses the Construction Yard, the Boomerang regiment will send a new MCV to the player and deploy into a Construction Yard immediately.
  • In Stage IV of Babel, the player will get additional MCVs for expansions. Number of MCVs differ depending on the difficulty.


  • In The Remnant, Allied and Soviet MCVs become buildable when Epsilon forces start attacking. The first Foehn MCV is seen during the epilogue.

Special Ops

  • In Split Seconds, during the fourth phase when commanding Epsilon HQ forces, if the first MCV is destroyed, the player will be provided with an additional MCV and warned not to lose the second one again.


  • In Thunder God, the 2nd player will get an additional MCV during the mission.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.0, it is possible to acquire the blueprints of an MCV by infiltrating the corresponding type of Construction Yard. The Stolen MCV is $500 more expensive than its normal counterpart and requires a radar structure.


  • The Allied MCV is the only variant of this unit that uses a wheel drive for movement. The other models of other factions all use tread drives.

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