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Mine Entrances serve as the entrances to some underground tunnel networks in certain missions.


Act One

  • In Warranty Void, once the bridge has been repaired and defended for 4 minutes so four of the separatists' M.A.D. Tanks could arrive, the rebels' Mine Entrance will fall under control of the player. In this mission, it is functionally identical to a Soviet Barracks.
  • In The Lunatic, there's a Mine Entrance located at the top left of the map. If the player use the Engineer to capture it, the intelligence will point out that the ROC Rebels is likely to have used the Mine Entrance.

Act Two

  • At the start of Ghost Hunt, the player's Navy SEALs and Engineers will emerge from the Mine Entrance.
  • In Heartwork, a Mine Entrance is located not for from the top left Chinese base. If it's kept after the Nanocentrifuge in the aforementioned base gets destroyed, an additional infantry reinforcement will come from the Mine Entrance.

Special Ops

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.6, Mine Entrance was called as Mine Shaft, and has only one variant (see Gallery).