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The Mind Reader is an Epsilon support defense that warns the proselyte of enemy activity around it, preventing their enemies from catching them off-guard.

Official description

Another interesting technology Yuri took with him when he defected: the Epsilon developed the Mind Reader to be used for espionage in the field, basing its design on the original Psychic Sensor. The device has the incredible capability of detecting and revealing the intentions of adversaries to move or attack within the range of the Reader. This allows Yuri's proselytes to see the approaching attacks or infiltrations coming from miles away and prepare themselves.[1]


The Mind Reader fulfills one of the roles of the Psychic radar from the original Yuri's Revenge; a defense capable of foreseeing upcoming enemy assaults. Although it is now a separate structure with lesser range and more power required, the presence of multiple Mind Readers around the Epsilon base can force the enemy to target them first instead of the more important structures if they wish to attack said base with less accurate predictions and reactions from the proselyte. This tactic can be challenging to accomplish thanks to the cheap cost of the Mind Reader, since the proselyte can just rebuild more after the first wave of attack fails. With the combination of Chimera Cores or Hazequads, the proselyte can often surprise their attackers with their cloaked army ready for ambush.

Additionally, the Mind Reader is also capable of predicting where the Nuclear Missile from the Tactical Nuke Silo and other missile support powers will precisely hit, so a proselyte should be able to withdraw their forces if they are within ground zero and rebuild lost buildings as necessary.

However, the Mind Reader is less effective against human opponents than computer ones; the former can micromanage their units and order them to flank through areas the Mind Reader is not able to reach whereas the latter simply orders their units to attack the Epsilon base, disregarding the Mind Reader's ability to predict their attacks. Against multiple opponents, the Mind Reader may even confuse inexperienced players due to continuous advancing armies from different directions.

AI behavior

The AI will only build a maximum of 1 Mind Reader on all difficulties. However, the AI has no real use for the Mind Reader due to its omniscient trait of seeing most attacks across the battlefield.


Act Two

Special Ops

  • In Survivors, if any of the player's units (other than Malver) walks into the range of a Mind Reader, their presence will be detected by PsiCorps and the brainwashed Scorpion Cell forces will turn on them. All Mind Readers are surrounded by barrels, in order to allow Malver to covertly destroy them.

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