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You Soviet scum, you'll never take me!
—President Dugan in Operation: Happy Birthday

President Michael Dugan was the leader of the United States during the Third Great War.


Dugan was elected president prior to the Third World War. When the Soviet Union attacked the United States, Dugan attempted to persuade Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov to call off the attack. When this failed, the president ordered a nuclear counterstrike. The counterstrike failed to materialize due to Yuri's manipulation via his Epsilon agents.

Dugan later evacuated DC for The Alamo in Texas, thinking it was a safer place there. When a Latin Confederation force arrived and started to destroy much of the Allied Forces there, Dugan tried to escape to a military airport. However, Soviet forces destroyed the airport prior to his arrival, forcing him to move to a civilian airport. Just as he got to this airport, and started walking faster on the runway, he was soon sniped in the head by Morales.

The president of the United States was no more. Soon enough, his country would crumble into a Soviet, and later, Epsilon puppet state.


  • Michael Dugan originally appeared in Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge, played by Ray Wise.
    • Unlike the vanilla game, Dugan does not survive the campaign.

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