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The Mercury Strike is a support power available for the United States through the Mercury Network Uplink. It, as its name suggests, fires a laser beam from one of the Mercury satellites in space that is particularly effective against infantry and light vehicles, though less so against heavier targets.

An interesting matter to note is that Athena Cannons benefit from the Mercury Strike; if one is used near them, the Athena Cannons can perform stronger attacks for a period of time as the Mercury Strike requires the Mercury satellite to recalibrate its position, allowing the Athena Cannons to communicate with it faster.

AI behavior

AI's Mercury Strike always targets the player's largest group of units, while ignoring invisible units. In addition, AI units affected by this support power will immediately target the Mercury Network Uplink.


Act One

  • In Recharger, after Volkov charges up the Eiffel Tower and uses it to destroy the nearby European outpost, the Eiffel Tower will be destroyed by an abnormally strong Mercury Strike, forcing Volkov to complete the rest of his mission in the conventional way.
  • In Idle Gossip, the Allies will use the Mercury Strike again, but outside the battlefield.

Act Two

  • The Mercury Strike becomes usable by the player in Ghost Hunt.
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