Mercury Satellite

Mercicon.png The Mercury Satellite is an orbital weapon built and utilized by the United States to deliver precision strikes from space.


The Mercury Satellite is one of the greatest military applications of the United States' laser technology. In fact, an entire network of such devices is constructed. American commanders are able to fire Mercury Strikes to their chosen location in the battlefield, as long as they have constructed a Mercury Network Uplink. The laser beams can incinerate infantry and light vehicles with ease, though there is a delay before the actual beam is fired. To amplify its power and assist other Allied forces, the satellite is able to instantly paint designated targets in the form of the Target Painter.

Additionally, the United States' artillery, the Athena Cannon, is designed to connect with the satellites. Though the laser beam fired this way also has a delay before firing, it is concentrated enough to bring down even the toughest of structures.


At the Third Great War, the Mercury Satellite was first utilized during the Soviet attack on Paris. The Eiffel Tower, electrified by Volkov, caused a huge threat to the French army in the city. Eventually the Pacific Front launched a Mercury Strike using the Mercury Network Uplink they occupied in the Hawaiian Islands, which destroyed the tower.

When the Soviet General performed the mission on Devon Island, he learned that a Mercury Strike was once again launched on the Soviet fleet. Fortunately, after the Eiffel Tower was blown up, its impact has been greatly weakened.[1]

After the Soviets realized that Mercury Satellite’s attack was weakened, they immediately took the Latin Confederation troops to the Hawaiian Islands where Pacific Front forces hide and destroyed the Mercury Network Uplink they occupied.

For the Americans, Mercury Uplink is not only a necessary facility to activate Mercury Satellite, but also an important building to unlock more technology. However, due to lack of authorization, any American commander in Third Great War could not build Mercury Uplink, so their number of advanced units such as Abrams Tank is very limited.

During the Mental Omega War, the Allied commanders were authorized to build Mercury Network Uplinks, but the Mercury Satellite was still uncorrected until the Allied Commander went to Morocco to perform his mission.


  1. Idle Gossip text: "It seems the satellites' destructive power has greatly diminished since the strike on the Eiffel Tower. Both our enemies and us have overestimated the long-term capabilities of the satellite."
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