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The Mental Omega War[1] was a global war that lasted for most of 1984, beginning when the head of the Soviet UnionRussia was surprised by the re-emergence of PsiCorps, now known as the Epsilon Army.


The later and closing stages of the Third Great War saw a number of failures and successes for both the Allies and Soviets, including a few unexpected events.

After conquering much of Europe following the destruction of the Black Forest, the Soviets intended to complete their conquest through a major naval invasion of Britain, but failed due to the steely determination of the Allied defenders. This bought some time for the Allies to recover their strength and complete the Paradox Project.

Meanwhile, things didn't go smoothly on the Soviet side. An incident involving a Psychic Beacon in Heizhaozhen, China, forces the Russians to destroy it themselves to save their Chinese allies from mind control. However this event would catalyze the breakdown of the Sino-Russian alliance. A Russian general heads to Japan to uncover the truth behind the Chinese actions, only to be surprised when he realized that China has made a pact with the Pacific Front. This event marked the end of the Sino-Russian alliance as the former invades Russia to install themselves as the leader of the Soviet Union. The invasion was initially successful; the Chinese managed to destroy Russia's last two MIDAS ICBMs, but in the end they were beaten back in a vicious battle on the Primorsky Krai.

The failure of the invasion forces the Chinese to fall back, giving the Russians enough time to recover. However, this event soured the alliance between China and the Pacific Front, which would be later broken when conflict erupts in the Korean DMZ. Unknown reports say that the Russians are constructing more MIDAS ICBMs, and while the reports are clearly not true, the Russians decide to take it seriously, allowing them to at least keep the world in check. Later, an unexpected event happened: the PsiCorps sacked the Leninisk Cosmodrome and stole Russian rocket technology for unknown purposes. This event eventually made Russia realized that the PsiCorps' leader, Yuri, is behind all this. Yuri himself later declared the foundation of the Epsilon Army, a force with all but one goal: to command and conquer mankind's future.

The story moves forward two years later, in 1984. At this time, the Soviets were able to ensure that their power remains supreme by fooling the world to believe that they still have MIDAS ICBMs in their possession. At the same time, the United States, now renamed the Soviet States of America, or the S.S.A., is at peace after attacks from American militias had dwindled in number. Everything seems to going as planned...

Yuri believed that this was the best time for the Epsilon Army to announce their existence to the world by the hard way. He thus planned two events to be set into motion: an attack on the Soviet victory parade in Moscow and a hostile takeover of Washington D.C., since renamed Stalington.

Soon enough, both the Allies and the Soviets would feel the wrath of the Epsilon. The Epsilon Era was just about to begin, with another conflict that would be known as the Mental Omega War as its prelude.



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