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The Mental Omega Device, also known as Yuri's Tower[1] or The Tower[2], is a gigantic psychic device located at Antarctic hinterland that serves as Yuri's trump card and the center of his vision and plan to unite the world under "one mind".

The Mental Omega War is likely named after the device.


Developed by Yuri between the Third Great War and Mental Omega War, the Mental Omega Device is apparently a vastly improved version of Psychic Beacons and Psychic Amplifiers with global range, as it was mentioned that the device allows Yuri to "bend the minds of everyone on the planet".[3][4]

The PsiCorps heroine Libra is associated with the Mental Omega Device, though exact details regarding this are yet to be known.[1][4]

The Mental Omega Device also emanates a strong psychic energy that melts down the ice sheets of Antarctica, paving way for naval vessels to travel through,[5] and disrupts the communications of the invading Allies.[6]



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