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It is time to become.. of one mind.
—Libra commencing Mental Omega

The Mental Omega Device, also known as Yuri's Tower[1] or The Tower[2], is a gigantic psychic device located at Antarctic hinterland that serves as Yuri's trump card and the center of his vision and plan.

The Mental Omega War is likely named after the device.


What a marvel of engineering his Tower is. Great Leader was a genius.
—Epsilon Engineer during Operation: Babel

Developed by Yuri for decades[3], the Mental Omega Device is a vastly improved version of Psychic Beacons and Psychic Amplifiers with global range, as the device allows Yuri to "bend the minds of everyone on the planet".[4][5]

The PsiCorps heroine Libra, initially the prototype hivemind along with her ill-fated clones[6], is directly associated with the Mental Omega Device, acting as the key to activate the Hivemind and collect the minds of all people in the world.[1][5]

While the Mental Omega Device is capable of accomplishing global mind control on its own, active Psychic Beacons and Psychic Amplifiers amplify the signal and allow a more globally simultaneous control, even if the tower is heavily damaged (which causes the mind control waves it emits to work erratically and fail to mind control every individual in the wave's range). If the Mental Omega Device is damaged, it is possible to break the mind control by destroying a nearby Psychic Beacon or Amplifier. Eventually, however, the mind control waves will bend the minds of everyone, unless the individuals are temporally displaced or have taken neurotoxin as a countermeasure.

The Mental Omega Device also emanates a strong psychic energy that melts down the ice sheets of Antarctica, paving way for naval vessels to travel through,[7] and disrupts the communications of the invading Allies.[8]


Our target is Yuri's own monument of madness - the Mental Omega Device. Yuri's Tower, designed and built solely to steal the free will of human beings.
—Allied intel during Operation: Withershins

Act Two

  • The Mental Omega Device first appears in Withershins. The device and the core base that protects it are completely invulnerable due to being protected by a barrier generated by Mental Dynamos, however.
  • The Mental Omega Device is the objective of Hamartia and Babel. In Babel's first phase, the player must guide Libra to enter the Device; in the second phase, the player needs to defend the Device until it is activated. In the first phase of Hamartia, the Allies managed to destroy all Mental Dynamos and attempted to destroy the Device with a deep charged Lightning Storm, but this plan was foiled. In the Allies' final assault against Libra and the Device at the last phase of both Hamartia and Babel, they chose to have the Paradox Engine collide with the Device to heavily damage it. This weaken the effectiveness of the Epsilon hivemind, but Libra managed to reactivate the Device anyway in the ending of Babel.


  • In The Remnant, the Mental Omega Device does not appear directly, but is a threat to the Revolt forces through its mind control waves that occur every few minutes. The mind control wave is initially weak, but becomes stronger every time it reaches the battlefield; not to mention, the effect is permanent and can affect buildings.



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