Mental Omega APYR (shortened as Mental Omega or MO) is a modification for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, created by the Mentalmeisters team. It expands upon the original game by taking on an alternative story from the events that led to Red Alert 2's plot on a campaign that spans throughout 75 campaign missions and 30 cooperative missions.

Mental Omega also incorporates numerous additions such as an entirely new faction; the Foehn Revolt, new units divided in three specific subfactions for each faction which have their own specializations, new gameplay features, new skirmish maps, new soundtrack unique to each faction, and more.

Mental Omega's aim is to make the game perfectly balanced (hence why it is tagged as an "almost perfect" Yuri's Revenge), be it campaign, cooperative, skirmish and multiplayer. This radically altered Mental Omega to be almost completely different with the original Yuri's Revenge – some said that the mod can be considered as Yuri's Revenge's unofficial de facto expansion pack.


A rather ambitious project for its scale, Mental Omega APYR starts in 2005 as a balance modification for Yuri's Revenge released by Speeder and Mevitar. It would take a few years afterwards until the mod become what it was today, with the individuals behind it now coalesced into the Mentalmeisters team.


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