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Tricked, the Soviets have one last chance at regaining the upper hand over their enemies. Having successfully reconnected with their satellite network over Europe thanks to the Chinese tech, the Russians locate a base in the snows, which appears to equip and launch rockets into space for Yuri.
—Mission description

Operation: Meltdown is the ninth Soviet Act Two campaign mission.


I hope the Chinese campaign did not crush your spirit completely, Comrade. Yes, we lost many of our troops, but thanks to the technology we acquired from the Chinese facilities, little as it may be, we are somehow still able to push forward. Do not forget - our people need us, and the traitor Yuri must meet his end. Now, by analyzing the intel we've retrieved from Kashmir, and by utilizing their tech to reestablish comms with that unfinished military satellite network of ours, we found something of interest. In the northern far reaches of Sweden, Yuri has set up a cosmodrome that he thought would elude us. We are positive it is where the rockets he stole from Leninsk a few years ago went to.

Apparently, the London Fortress has fallen to the Epsilon attacks. With the last Allied central command gone, we were able to relocate our forces back to the European theater without issues. We've then determined that this cosmodrome was being used as some sort of a transport system not long ago, as shuttles have been observed departing from and returning to it. The records found in the Chinese database also mentioned an unusually strong psychic soldier being deployed right after one of such shuttles landed on a remote island base of Yuri. Interestingly enough, the visual description of it matches the female soldier Morales saw in Rio. We must figure out where they came from, and what was being transported to the place of their origin - a place likely important to Yuri.

Objective 1: Take control of the Flying Fortress.
Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Dominator.
Objective 3: Capture both of the Rocket Launchpads.
Keep Chitzkoi and the Flying Fortress in action until the Dominator is destroyed.


Initial assault

The Soviet General quickly secured the tech powerstation to restore power to the base. Sending Drakuv to the north-east securing a Sniper, Desolator and Dunerider. Supporting their Cyborg strikeforce with these powerful units the commander pushes north, leaving several snipers to protect their base from epsilon paratroopers. Capturing Oil Derricks and War Factory to maintain their economy and divert superweapon strikes. Capturing Siege Cadre units and Epsilon Adepts to further strengthen their strikeforce the commander quickly captured Yuri's northwestern power hub, and Radar Spire. Carefully keeping ontop of Mirage attacks and capturing the deadly Apocalypse Tank guarding the northern Launchpad. 

Throughout the General repositions their Stalin's Fist to avoid Dominator strikes and destroyed power stations while leaving non-threatening defences alone. 

Returning to the original outpost, the commander now pushes east, then north to strike at an outpost containing Cloning Vats. Carefully de-bunking and capturing Prism Tanks, and a medic to strengthen their main strikeforce. The commander continued east, seizing further oil derricks, after destroying an obstructive forest to allow his force to sneak past heavier defences. Capturing the Iron Curtain allowed further protection against domination strikes. Further the commander captured a hijacker disguised amongst epsilon initiates.  

Baiting and then capturing the second Apocalypse tank the Soviet General pushed north with Volkov and the mind-controlled tanks, smashing through heavy epsilon fortifications. Using the Iron Curtain to protect the vehicles as against an Allied Aircraft Carrier, they destroyed Yuri's northeastern power hub. The superweapon now neutralised, the General could take his time, capturing the solitary Charon Tank, their impressive force lay waste to Yuri's main base, escorting Chitzkoi to the Aerial Fortress Irkalla

Chitzkalla rises

The sheer power of the Aerial Fortress Irkalla controlled by a cybernetic dog made quick work of the Psychic Dominator and surrounding Epsilon forces. The General use Chitzkalla primarily followed by their force of captured tanks and Volkov to wipe out remaining forces defending the launch pads.

Securing the Launchpads

Since the General captured the Iron Curtain Device before, the protection of the Psychic Dominator was also lifted, and it was extremely vulnerable under Chitzkalla's approach. After the Dominator was demolished, the three remaining heroes with Cyborg Vanguards and the tank army wiped out the remaining Epsilon forces. After the move was completed, Rocket Launchpads' safety was assured and the General dispatched two Engineers to capture them.


The space shuttles you've managed to capture are on a far more advanced technological level than the ones we were building in the Leninsk Cosmodrome. Yuri has used these to move his forces and resources to and from.. the Moon! The question remains: why?
—Battlefield report

The General were surprised to learn that the captured Rocket Launchpads utilized technologies far beyond that of the ones in Leninsk. He finally understood that Yuri must had built a large base on the Moon and already started moving his forces and resources in and out of there.

And yet, the Soviets still didn't fully understand how Yuri managed to made such technology leap nor what this... lunar base is for. Perhaps an expedition there might solve the mystery.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 50000
  • Countdown of Psychic Dominator: 30:00
  • Two colonels will arrive earlier.


  • Starting credits: 40000
  • Countdown of Psychic Dominator: 20:00
  • More Invaders will patrol on the map.


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • Less Cyborg Vanguard reinforcements will be sent to the player.
  • Countdown of Psychic Dominator: 20:00
  • More Invaders will patrol on the map.
  • A Tech Airfield and a Tech Hospital is controlled by enemy initially.

Easter egg

This is no time for a remastered coffee break, Comrade. You need to make haste!
  • Capturing the abandoned Shield Command at right side of map will get additional money crates.
  • In the top right of the map there is an old ore silo that can be captured, which looks remarkably like a cup of coffee.


  • The music used after Chitzkoi enters Aerial Fortress Irkalla is The Babysitter by Artificial Eye.
  • The mission's name may be inspired by the presence of multiple Nuclear Reactors at the northwest and northeast of the map.
  • This is currently the first and only mission where a superweapon can be captured (the Iron Curtain).