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The Mammoth Tank is the heavy assault tank formerly used by the Soviet Union during the Second Great War, and the predecessor to the Apocalypse Tank.


Though no longer in active use by the time of the Third Great War, a few old Mammoth Tanks can still be found in Soviet bases, and can be returned to active duty if necessary. As can be expected from such an outdated piece of hardware, Mammoth Tanks are hopelessly outmatched by more modern tanks.


Act One

  • In Wrong Side, Mammoth Tanks appear among the enemy forces defending the Topol-M launchers.
  • In Road to Nowhere, a Mammoth Tank appears as an easter egg. The player can destroy an Old War Factory on the map to acquire one Mammoth Tank.
  • In Warranty Void, the ROC forces have a Mammoth Tank.

Special Ops

  • In Dawnbreaker, there are two capturable depiloted Mammoth Tanks on the map.


  • Heavy Tank appears in Television Lies as enemy units, but unable to be mind-controlled.


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