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The Magnetic Beam is a support power for the PsiCorps available from their Pandora Hub once it is upgraded with the Psychplug. It fires a strong magnetic beam from an unknown object in space that causes any vehicles and infantry vulnerable to magnetic weapons in its area of effect to move slower and eventually become immobilized. The proselyte can move the magnetic beam wherever they please by selecting it and giving it movement orders, just like any normal unit.

Note that the magnetic beam affects both enemy and friendly vehicles, so one should be careful not to put their own units too close to enemies that are being pinned down by the beam.

AI behavior

The AI will use Magnetic Beam on the largest enemy unit blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


Act Two

  • The Magnetic Beam is first put to use in Earthrise, where several permanent Magnetic Beams that freely roam the surface of the Moon and are maintained by the Epsilon Command Center, whose destruction will also cause the Magnetic Beams to vanish. It is not possible for the player to deploy Magnetic Beams in this mission, even if a Pandora Hub upgraded with the Psychplug is captured.
    • Based from the cutscene in Reality Check and a Magnetic Beam close to the Large Bio Tank, this Magnetic Beam subdued Libra during her first "malfunction".
  • At the end of Fatal Impact, several Magnetic Beams subdued Volkov before being taken away by the Epsilon.
  • The Epsilon forces have access to the default individual Magnetic Beams in Withershins and Death's Hand, and the player is able to use it in Babel.


  • In the Deception Challenge, each hostile Epsilon AI will control 3 Magnetic Beams to patrol in the battlefield quickly. Only defeating corresponding AI can disable their Magnetic Beams.