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Haihead's forces have created two crucial routes from which they are sending their M.A.D.M.A.N. units in quite large amounts. These units are a threat and must be eliminated along with the forward bases that continue to protect them.
—Map description

Madness Challenge is the tenth Challenge map, featuring three Haihead enemies.


Players start on the bottom edge. The biggest enemy base is located directly opposite, flanked by two smaller ones. The centre of the map is guarded by Neutralizers and Shrike Nests owned by the middle enemy. Each base is defended by Irritators, Deviatresses and a limited number of Seitaad Ballistae. Lastly, the enemies will occasionally send hordes of Clairvoyants along the bottom edge. These Clairvoyants always aim for the challengers' power plants and nothing else; if they are protected by walls, the Clairvoyants will sit around the base until they find a way.

Every few minutes, a M.A.D.M.A.N., escorted by a Megalodon, will appear at each of the two top corners (marked by Walls and Windbelts) and move towards the challengers' base. Their arrival is announced by the message 'Warning: Two M.A.D.M.A.N. units have been deployed!' Sometimes, two more M.A.D.M.A.N. with their Megalodon escorts will appear a short time after the first two; their appearance is signaled by the message 'Warning: Two additional M.A.D.M.A.N. units have been deployed!'. This can be stopped by destroying the middle Haihead base.

Support power changes/additions:

  • Enemy has extra slot of Chaos Touch, which means the enemy will use it more frequently.
  • Enemy has a support power to deploy Turmoil Grids at challengers' base, with 7:30 cooldown. This support power replaced Megaarena and is unable for challengers to use through captured Haihead base.

Unit changes/additions:

  • Cyclops Walkers, Megalodons and M.A.D.M.A.N. vehicles benefit from a permanent Megaarena effect.
  • M.A.D.M.A.N. vehicles have increased hit points to 3200, as well as an increased Iron Curtain duration by 300%.
  • Neonwasps have increased hit points to 425.
  • Fin and Alize have increased hit points to 350.
  • Cyclops Walkers have an increased speed to 8 under Megaarena effect.
  • Hovracoons have an increased attack range to 14.
  • Megalodons have an increased speed to 10 under Megaarena effect.
  • Diverbees have an increased default speed to 40.
  • Hovracoons, Irritators and Shadrays will generate confusion field when destroyed.

If the challengers capture an enemy base, they cannot place Megaarena Projectors, since their Megalodons (but not M.A.D.M.A.N.) also benefit from the permanent Megaarena effect.

Starting point Tech buildings


  • The challenge's map is identical to an 8-player standard skirmish map Frozen Ripple.

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