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As the Allies fall back to England, the Soviets plan to deploy Super Apocalypses to invade the British Isles. A covert team has been assembled to hack the AI-controlled vehicles.
—Mission description

Operation: Mad Monster is the eighth Allied cooperative mission.


After mainland Europe fell, we discovered a Soviet super tank production facility. The Soviets are preparing unmanned Apocalypses to attack our forces in England. We have hacked the unmanned Super Apocalypses, but the Soviet technicians are doing everything they can to contain and remove the hack from the vehicles. Two Spies who implanted the hack are hiding in a village south of your position. Find and lead them to the Radar Dishes to terminate the Soviet recovery op.

Objective 1: Find the Spies.
Objective 2: Sabotage the Advanced Radar Dishes.
Objective 3: Destroy the Soviet Super Apocalypse Complex.


Find two Spies

Two squads of task forces arrived in Masuria and set out. They were told that two Spies are hiding in a village located in the southwest while they were eliminating Soviet forces on the path. Soon, they found an abandoned Allied outpost and large amounts of Allied and Soviet tanks, including a Zephyr and a Charon Tank. They rescued some Engineers and recaptured the outpost. Additionally, they also captured a Tech Secret Lab and built Mirage Tanks, trained more Siege Cadres, Navy SEALs and Field Medics.

The task forces pushed into the village while anti-air units in the outpost defending the Terror Drones paradropped at there. Surprisingly, two spies called Ein and Zwei were found, making up as...two ladies.

Infiltrate Control Radars

Two commanders were told that there were full of EMP Mines around the Soviet base but spies were immune to them. However, they must eliminate all Terror Drones that would cause severe problem to the Spies. After Spies infiltrated two Advanced Radar Dishes, the Soviets did not have any means to regain the control of the automated Super Apocalypse Tanks.

Destroy Soviet base

The destruction of facilities can be said to be quite easy after the virus has been fully activated. With Super Apocalypse Tanks' help, the Soviet Apocalypse Tank production facility went into ruins at once.


The Soviets cannot take control of Super Apocalypse Tanks anymore after the destruction of production facility in Masuria. The Soviet invading forces were weakened a bit.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 35000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is the lowest.
  • Added a Cavalier Tank among each player's starting forces.
  • The sight of broken bridge connecting the island where Spies stay and Soviet base entrances will be revealed.
  • Add four Tech Oil Derricks to the abandoned base.
  • A Tech Missile Bunker at the upper zone of map is replaced by a decorative prop.


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is medium.
  • Part of tech buildings will be removed.
  • Added Wolfhound patrols at Soviet base entrances.
  • A Tech Missile Bunker at the upper zone of map is replaced by a decorative prop.
  • Enemy will start utilizing a Tech Airfield after retaking abandoned base.


  • Starting credits: 20000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is the highest.
  • A lot of tech buildings will be removed.
  • Added Wolfhound patrols at Soviet base entrances and the abandoned base.
  • Tech Maintenance Facility, Tech Hospital and Tech Machine Shop are initially owned by the enemy.
  • Removed two healing crates at the right entrance to the abandoned base.
  • Enemy will start utilizing a Tech Missile Bunker and Tech Airfield after retaking abandoned base.

Easter egg


Locate several abandoned vehicles (including Prism Tanks) which are found at the top right corner and bottom right of the map. The Prism Tanks at the southern island can be relocated by capturing the abandoned Voyager Transport at the rear of the village or the abandoned Zubr Transport located at the central right border of map.


  • The spies are named Ein and Zwei, which means 'one' and 'two' in German.
  • The mission bears resemblance to Monster Tank Madness from Red Alert: The Aftermath. Both missions include infiltrating a radar facility in order to turn the super-tanks against the Russians.
    • Both missions take place in Poland.
  • Before version 3.3.5, it is possible to play cooperative missions with an AI ally. If one does so for this mission (see Walkthrough), Super Apocalypse Tanks will be activated in advance without infiltration of Advanced Radar Dish, which will make the mission easy to complete.