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A MIDAS striking Chicago city, turned here into ruins

The MIDAS is a strategic nuclear weapon used by the Soviet Union throughout the Third Great War.


The MIDAS is an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). Similar to the Dark Horseman project in the Second Great War, the MIDAS project is produced in a facility where uranium mining and enrichment takes place[1]. The sheer power of the MIDAS annihilates anything within the radius of its detonation, leaving nothing but ashes. The entire world, particularly the Allies, fears this weapon of mass destruction.

The MIDAS has a less powerful small "sister": the Tactical Nuke. Unlike the MIDAS, it is used more frequently, up to the point where even Epsilon and Foehn forces have the means to construct and fire Tactical Nukes.

The MIDAS is transported and launched by mobile Topol-M launch platforms.

Despite this, the MIDAS is countered by the Gladius Defense System, which had the ability to shoot down the missile before it hits its intended target. This Allied structure was crucial to the Allies' survival at the end of the Third Great War. In addition, the Soviets took decades to produce the first batch of MIDAS warheads.


Prior to the Third Great War, Yuri's PsiCorps installed a MIDAS guidance system aboard a Russian TV satellite to be launched by the Allies, in preparation for the upcoming war.[2]

Third Great War

The first use of MIDAS warhead happened during the American attempt to destroy the Psychic Amplifier in Chicago. After the destruction of the Psychic Amplifier, the Soviets fired a MIDAS ICBM at Chicago, annihilating the city and wiping out a large portion of the Americans' remaining forces.

During an Allied mission to disrupt a Soviet uranium mining operation in Sakhalin Island, Russia, an Allied strike team led by Special Agent Tanya recovered intelligence regarding location of several Topol-M launchers armed with MIDAS warheads.

Six Topol-M platforms armed with three MIDAS warhead were destroyed in surprise attack by Euro Alliance forces in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai during the operation Wrong Side. Though the Allies noted that two of the launchers were not armed for unknown reasons.

It was later revealed that Yuri hid the two MIDAS warheads in advance. The MIDAS warheads were later deployed in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia to aid in the assault on the Black Forest SteinsTech laboratory. The Soviet forces defended the Topol-Ms from the Allies long enough for them to fire, wiping out the entire Black Forest.

When the Russian taskforce sent to Okawa Falls reported that China has betrayed Russia, Premier Alexander Romanov ordered the two Topol-Ms in Kemerovo Oblast to launch MIDAS warheads at the Chinese invasion force heading for Primorsky Krai. However, Chinese forces have already infiltrated the Soviet base, and they destroyed one of the Topol-Ms just as it was preparing for launch. The PsiCorps was tasked with escorting the last remaining Topol-M to safety. However, just as the platform entered a tunnel that leads to a Russian underground bunker, the entrance suddenly exploded, collapsing the tunnel. And so, the Soviets lost the last of their MIDAS warheads.

Mental Omega War

Despite the losses of the warheads, both the Allies and the Chinese still believed that the Soviets are in possession of MIDAS warheads. The Soviets, on the other hand, lacked the resources and time to build more warheads. This deceiving act was maintained during the Soviet dominion, and later broken, by PsiCorps when they began the Mental Omega War.

Before revealing the MIDAS warheads to the Soviets in the previous war, Yuri modified and weakened both MIDAS warheads against the Allies for his own plans. In the first instance, the ruins of Chicago was not completely off-limits, as Yuri attempted to resume the Psychic Amplifier project there. However, the Soviets seized the device before it was activated. In the second instance, the Soviets managed to retrieve the original Chronosphere from the ruins of the Black Forest complex. The Chronosphere was later taken by Epsilon forces, as Yuri used it to infiltrate the Allied London Fortress.

The last MIDAS warhead was, in fact, not lost at all - it was seized by the Scorpion Cell under Rashidi's orders who dismantled it shortly after the tunnel collapses and transported it away with Drillers. Over two years later, Rashidi secretly approached the Chinese young genius Yunru and offered her the MIDAS as a "fail-safe" measure against Yuri in exchange of her protection and technology. It was used to destroy her own Kashmir Home base, burying the secrets of Chinese advanced technologies and Yunru's "great Revolt" from the Latin Confederation and the Epsilon, as well as annihilating all their forces (including Morales and the Chinese garrison) in the process. If the Chinese had more time, they would have reverse-engineered the MIDAS as well.


  • The MIDAS may be named after the king of the same name in Greek mythology who has the ability to turn anything he touches into gold.

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