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The M.A.D. Mine is a defensive structure used by the Last Bastion. It is basically a land mine buried in the ground, but instead creates a powerful plasma explosion like that of the M.A.D.M.A.N.'s, only on a much smaller scale.

This makes the M.A.D. Mine more feasible to be used as a deterrent for any kind of enemies, especially vehicles.

Official description

The Last Bastion has many tricks up its giant Alaska-encircling sleeves, and has developed a wide array of defensive weapons to use against its enemies. Under the guise of many nights, the Bastion's troops were able to deploy numerous M.A.D. Mines around the base. These proximity mines were designed to quickly detect nearby enemy movement and then exploding violently with a powerful plasma warhead that has a large radius.

Unlike the grids or mines that belong to other factions, M.A.D. Mines are placed singly and require plenty of resources to be built. They are, however, able to take out a large tank division in the blink of an eye. Be careful, as they may also damage your units if they are caught in its blast.[1]