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The M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) Mine is a defensive structure used by the Last Bastion. It is basically a land mine buried in the ground, but instead creates a powerful plasma explosion like that of the M.A.D.M.A.N.'s, only on a much smaller scale.

This makes the M.A.D. Mine more feasible to be used as a deterrent for enemy vehicles.

Official description

The Last Bastion has many tricks up its sleeves, and has developed a wide array of defensive weapons to use against its seemingly everlasting enemy. Under the guise of many nights, their Boidmachines were able to launch numerous M.A.D. Mines over the stronghold's walls. These mines were designed to quickly react to any enemy movement and explode violently with the use of a powerful plasma warhead.

Unlike the grids or mines that belong to other factions, M.A.D. Mines are placed individually, but the unique deployment mechanism through a Boidmachine's cannon launch allows Foehn commanders to deploy them at great distances. Once activated, they are able to take out a large tank divison in the blink of an eye. Be careful, as they might heavily damage your own units by accident too.[1]


M.A.D. Mine has completely different functions from other types of mines. First, only a single M.A.D. Mine can be deployed after launched from a Boidmachine; second, although the M.A.D. Mine brings no any special effects unlike other types, its damage can spread to a large area, enough to wipe out a convoy. However, it costs $500 to build just one M.A.D. Mine, so every time you build a Mine, you have to choose a suitable location to maximize its effect. It is recommended to launch M.A.D. mines in relatively open locations where vehicles often pass by.

AI behavior

The AI will always launch the M.A.D. Mine at the player's largest group of units.

Behind the scenes


  • The official description of the M.A.D. Mine originally began with "The Last Bastion has many tricks up its giant Alaska-encircling sleeves". Presumably, this was changed to hide the location of the Last Bastion's headquarters.

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