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Defeated at the Mexico border, the Latin Confederation is deploying their forces from the sea. They had established two forward bases in Los Angeles that must be destroyed.
—Mission description

Operation: Low Rider is the first Allied cooperative mission.


The Soviets have invaded. After an amphibious assault, they've established two frontal bases in the south. Build a base in the city and stop their expansion.

Objective 1: Destroy Latin Confederation forces in LA.


The American outpost in city. Soon, another MCV and Tanya will arrive to reinforce them.

After an amphibious assault, the Soviets invaded the Los Angeles and built two bases in the south. One of the two commanders was assigned to command the troops on the mountain and had a complete base; the other could command Tanya, but was arranged to command the troops in the city without MCV, and the MCV would arrive after 4 minutes.

The commander in city had only a Barracks in the city. In terms of vehicles, they had only four Bulldog Tanks and two Stryker IFVs. Then they got several infantry reinforcements shortly after gaining control of the battlefield. Two commanders were told that there were a Tech Machine Shop and some Tech Oil Derricks in the city, and soon they found them and captured them. However, they accidentally found that the three Hollywood heroes, Flint Westwood, Arnie Frankfurter and Sammy Stallion were fighting for the Soviets, helping them defending their bases.

The commanders in city let the infantry enter the buildings in front of the outpost and resisted the attack from the nearby Confederation base. At the same time, Tanya also rushed here, and another mountain commander also got two Abrams Tanks, helping them resist from another offensive at the Confederation base. At the same time, with the help of Tanya, the troops in the city smashed into the nearby enemy base, and the MCV was also delivered to the commander.

The east base was quickly destroyed, and the mountain commander quietly used the Stallion Transport to carry the Engineers to the rear of the west base and quickly captured the base and the LAX there so that he could airborne infantry from time to time. Since then, the enemy has launched a desperate attack. Fortunately, both commanders have laid out defenses. On one side are a large number of Attack Dogs and Guardian GIs, and on the other are a large number of Pillboxes and Gun Turrets.

When the assault troops were completely destroyed, the Soviets sent the last unit, a Kirov Airship. But one airship could not pose a threat at all, and it quickly crashed under the air defense fire.


With the Latin Confederation's forces driven back into the sea, the Allied Commanders could sigh with relief that their invasion has been delayed by a few days (giving them more time to liberate crucial sectors). The Allied Commander from the US/Mexico border recaptured the naval yards in Florida and helped regroup the remnants of their eastern seaboard fleet.

Bad news began to kick in the moment the good news also arrived. Not only was President Dugan assassinated in Texas by a Confederation taskforce, they began to use White Phosphorus rounds to spread despair and fear in the US ranks, majorly decreasing morale. The Allied Commanders were soon given the order to destroy the facilities, where the WP rounds are created, before US forces began to crumble within.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • Less Kirov Airships will appear at the end of mission.
  • No Buratinos will be present at enemy bases.
  • The intensity of enemy attack is the weakest in this difficulty.


  • Starting credits: 20000


  • Starting credits: 15000
  • The intensity of enemy attack is the strongest in this difficulty.

Easter egg

It seems that the Latin forces are also keen on dinosaur movies.

Locate the T-Rex in the movie shooting area found at the bottom of the map. When the player's troops enter here, the aforementioned text will appear and several crates will be present (the number will decrease as the difficulty increases). This easter egg is reminiscent of the easter egg from the original Yuri's Revenge mission.

Behind the scenes

  • For some reason, this mission was broken in version 3.3.3.


  • This mission uses the same map layout from Hollywood and Vain, the second Allied mission in Yuri's Revenge.
  • Unlike the vanilla mission, the Hollywood trio joined the enemy in this mission.