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Lionheart, at your command!
—A Lionheart pilot awaiting orders

The Lionheart Bomber is an Allied stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the Soviet labs and Construction Yard. It is a heavy bomber jet carrying a bomb that both damages and disables enemy vehicles in its wake.

Official description

The Lionheart is an exceptional aircraft in the Allied air force as, instead of missiles, it relies on simple, but effective fuel bombs with a heavily modified electromagnetic pulse warhead, that was seized from one of the Chinese-controlled labs during the war. Whatever the Lionheart does not kill, it will at least immobilize for a good while. This combination makes the Lionheart Bomber a very effective armor killer, which will help you in quickly blowing the enemy armored battalions and infantry squads to smithereens.[1]


The bane of any tank division, the Lionheart Bomber gives the Allies a much-needed advantage over the intimidating Soviet war machine and its brutal tank forces. The EMP effect allows Allied tanks to get a few free shots on their targets, giving them a much higher chance of survival. They are somewhat effective against structures too, as all bombers should be. This aftereffect of the bomb's detonation will also send hovering vehicles to a watery grave if they happen to be traversing over a body of water, provided they weren't already outright destroyed from the initial attack. Having decent armor compared to the other Allied jets provides them with some degree of success if they are required to attack armored divisions with anti-air escorts.

Be careful, though, as their payload wasn’t exactly designed for destroying heavier structures or killing swarms of infantry. While they are certainly more durable than most jets, they shouldn’t take that for granted and should still steer clear of anti-air units and defenses. Their speed is also rather slow for an Allied jet, making it one that you shouldn’t rely on to get to its target in a snap like the Stormchild or especially the Hummingbird. Faster units such as Speeder Trikes can evade their incoming ordnance provided they react fast enough during the Lionheart's attack run. It must also fly in a straight line during its bombing run and cannot adjust its course until it has completed its attack run, which may potentially force it to fly into dangerous anti-air ordnance.


The new Lionheart division we've assembled will help us destroy enemy armor. Their EMP-loaded bombs will immobilize any units that survive the bombardment.
—Allied intel during Operation: Withershins

In all its appearances so far, the Lionheart Bomber is only deployed through a support power named Lionheart Strike, where 2 of them will bombard a designated area. This support power has a recharge time of 6 minutes, and is visible for all players like a superweapon. Otherwise, they are unbuildable and uncontrollable.

Act Two

  • Lionheart Bombers make their debut in Withershins, to clear the way for the initial attack of the Southern Cross division. Later on, they become available to the player through the Lionheart Strike support power. In addition, Lionhearts will be sent at the outer Ganzir Defenders once their barrier is down. Lastly, Lionheart Bombers will bombard the inner defenses of the Mental Omega Device at the end of the mission.
  • The Lionheart Bomber appears as an "unidentified aircraft" in Reality Check and they will periodically perform attack runs on Libra throughout the mission.
  • In Hamartia, the Lionheart Strike support power remains available to the player. However, this ability is neutralized once the mind-controlled Allies arrive to assist the Epsilon, and the latter will employ this against the player instead.
  • In Babel, Lionheart Bombers will be periodically sent to assault the Mental Omega Device and its surrounding defenses.


  • The Lionheart Bomber appears in the Aberration Challenge with the signature Lionheart Strike. Unlike the campaign, its recharge time is 9 minutes.


  • Very powerful anti-tank bomber.
  • Deals heavy damage to armored vehicles in a medium target area.
  • EMP effect temporarily disables enemy vehicles if they are not outright destroyed.
  • Some amphibious vehicles like Kappa Tank or Magnetron can be sunk when they are over water using its EMP bomb.
  • Bomb also damages nearby helicopters and Rocketeers.
  • Very durable for an aircraft.
  • In squadrons, also capable of destroying fragile structures.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating any of the Soviet labs and a Soviet Construction Yard.
  • Slower than most jets.
  • Has to return to airbase for rearming frequently.
  • Mediocre against structures and infantry.
  • Still vulnerable to heavy anti-air fire.


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