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The Lightning Storm is a support power that is the ability of the Allied offensive superweapon, the Weather Control Device. It manipulates weather patterns to unleash the wrath of Zeus himself on every enemy of the Allies in the form of a catastrophic lightning storm that causes untold destruction.

While the Lightning Storm is very powerful, able to destroy most structures with ease, vaporizing infantry and blasting vehicles, it is known for the lightning bolts' tendencies to hit random areas, making it not as precise as the other sides' superweapons.

The storm clouds also interferes with radar frequencies, disabling all enemy radar (but not friendly radar) for twice the duration of the storm.

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AI behavior

The AI will use Lightning Storm to target the following structures, assuming they are not cloaked. These are ordered according to priority:

If all these do not exist, it will target airfields, base defenses, then finally units.


Act Two

  • Lightning Storm is first usable in Stormbringer. However, it can be only used twice: one is given during the second base is established, and the other is given when the Epsilon base is revealed.
  • In Relentless, Lightning Storm becomes permanently usable.
  • In Insomnia (Casual difficulty only), the ally will use a Lightning Storm to strike a Rage Inductor after the battlefield expanded, without any present Weather Controllers.
  • In Unthinkable, the Allied enemies will always use Lightning Storms to attack the Tech Concrete Fortresses at top right ground and a spot next to the Old Chronosphere, with utilizing a Weather Controller mentioned in the first phase of Parasomnia. In the second phase, the Allies will activate Lightning Storm against Libra by remaining Weather Controllers in the battlefield, and it has been modified to cause more damage to her.
  • In Reality Check, a Lightning Storm is used during the final boss battle when they are at 20% health. Unlike regular Lightning Storms, frequent lightning bolts will strike the entire battlefield and lasts indefinitely until the final boss is defeated.
  • In the events of Hamartia and Babel, the Lightning Storm becomes one of the Allies' attempts to destroy the Mental Omega Device, initially through a regular Lightning Storm. The Weather Controllers switched to a deep charge mode, which according to the internal code, would essentially be a Lightning Storm with an infinite duration. These Weather Controllers were destroyed during the missions before the deep charged Lightning Storm happened.
    • In Stage IV of Babel, the Allies will target the player's largest army with a Lightning Storm rather than the Epsilon bases.

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