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The Lightning Rod is placed by its namesake support power from the Shield Command, which provides European forces additional power for emergency uses to return the power grid to a normal state if an enemy succeeds in compromising base power by destroying enough Power Plants.

It also complements well with the Force Shield; using this support power will allow the commander to activate a Force Shield in the most desperate of times, such as a superweapon activation while the base is underpowered.

Additionally, the Lightning Rod will allow Thor Gunships to use their weapon more effectively due to a continuous stream of lightning strikes being "captured" by the rod, thus increasing their firepower.

Despite all this, it is still unable to save a commander from a power sabotage from enemy espionage units. Additionally, the Lightning Rod has a limited lifespan and will self-destruct after a period of time. The Lightning Rod is also especially vulnerable to Lightning Storm, which does 3 times more damage against it. Due to the way power works, the power produced by the Lightning Rod will reduce gradually as its hit points go down.

AI behavior

The AI will use Lightning Rod at the center of their own base (near their Construction Yard), but only when their base is on a low power state.


In case of emergency, deploy a Lightning Rod to temporarily increase your power output. The rod will also increase the firepower of all Thor Gunships in its neighbourhood.
—Allied intel during Operation: Puppet Master

Act Two

  • The Lightning Rod is first usable in the campaign in Puppet Master.


  • Due to the Allies lost large amount of tech after failing the Antarctic battle, Lightning Rod has been locked in The Remnant.



  • The Lightning Rod is the only support power that can be deployed when the base is on a low power state.