Unit Quotes Gallery Changelog

When selected

  • Epsilon we serve.
  • In Yuri we trust.
  • We'll die if we must.
  • As long as we're useful.
  • Peas in a pod.
  • Sisters.

When ordered to move

  • As Yuri dictates.
  • We move.
  • Commencing distraction.
  • We are underway.
  • In full view.
  • Can they see us now?

When ordered to attack

  • These are real, right?
  • Attacking.
  • Enough skill to use them.
  • Just like her.
  • We will not be ignored.
  • Battle mode.

When ordered to deploy (unused)

  • Our dance is almost perfect.
  • Good enough to fool them.
  • Perhaps they will flee?
  • It's about the presentation.

When under fire (unused)

  • There will always be more.
  • We cannot be killed.
  • We will return.
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